The Goal Is Only One

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our groups in Israel are involved with dissemination. They require the help of all the friends throughout the world.

Answer: Our friends in Israel first and foremost require the help of the Creator. He will whip them, shake them to exhaustion, kick them from corner to corner, will do everything to shake out all the all the nonsense, all of the ego, all of the audacity that as if says, “We, we, we!,” so that in a state of total exhaustion they will cry out to Him, as it is said, (Exodus 2:23) “And the children of Israel sighed from the labor.”

Therefore we must hold everyone together and do everything possible. But simultaneously, don’t forget that the Creator does everything and we depend only upon Him; this is important! After all, in all our actions we want Him to bring them to the desired result. In any case, it is impossible to pursue any physical victories and achievements. The goal can be only one: more adherence with the Creator and greater dependence upon Him.

If we had already attained this, then we would have had no more need for anything! What takes place on the physical level has no significance! Everything would be okay. Only one thing depends upon us, to constantly demand of Him that He will not abandon us and will hold us in connection, in adherence with Him. So that He will give us the intention to do everything, to fulfill Him, just as He fulfills us, as in the metaphor of the guest and the host. This is everything.

I am very happy, I am just elated about what is happening now. What else do we need in order to be frightened and scared to death, in a state of complete internal and external shattering? If He were to add more, then it would be even better. Without this we will not exit the Egyptian exile (the ego).

Therefore it is not necessary to feel sorry for anyone. On the contrary, we should rejoice with them, and only strengthen them and yourselves with the thought that the Creator is doing everything so that by the way of suffering, by way of these complicated conditions, we will rise above them, and connect with Him. It is thanks to these conditions He creates, conditions for us so that we will think about Him, of course egoistically in the meantime, trembling and fearful for ourselves, but together with this, at least with some thought of if we will be able to attain from these states actions of bestowal towards Him.

All of our inner work must be completely directed towards connection with Him. Do everything necessary externally, and internally only be together, in adherence between us and with the Creator.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Two 11/2/13, Lesson 3

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