Nature Shakes The Planet

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from InoPressa): “Even four years ago the UN has warned that humanity is entering an era of extreme weather events. Events that used to be registered once in 100 or 200 years are to be repeated every few years.

“The world community has the opportunity to discuss pressing issues in the climate conference, which opens in Warsaw. But one should not expect any radical decisions. Scientists believe that the human race will be able to stay within the global temperature increase to two degrees Celsius, which is considered to be the limit, beyond which we face a disaster.

“But two degrees is the average for the planet, it should be noted that in Europe the rise in temperature can be up to 6 degrees, and such a summer, as the summer of 2003, when heat caused death of tens of thousands of people, will be repeated annually. The era of extreme performance began for everyone.”

My Comment: Even if we stopped polluting the atmosphere, land, and oceans; even if we were able to remove everything that we had contaminated, returned the environment to the state of the last century, we would still have experienced blows of nature, only perhaps in a different form. This attitude of nature toward us stems from our opposition to its integrality, interdependence, and community. Until we heal ourselves, we will not stop being a cancerous tumor in the body of nature, we will not stop bringing about increasing blows of the elements.

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