The War Of The Sexes, Part 4

Laitman_183_04Adam And Eve Return To The Garden Of Eden

Question: What weapon would a man and woman use in a war against each other?

Answer: In this war, a man and woman use a wide range of weapons, starting with the courts, prisons, police, and public censure, including relatives and children, until they reach the last resort: clarifying the relationship in the bedroom.

But the fact is today we are running away from this war, and we don’t want to engage in it. Therefore, young people don’t want to have a family, or they marry at a very late age. We aren’t dependent on the family as much as before because the government and society provide support to families and partially compensate for things that a man was supposed to give.

A woman with modern household appliances requires less of a man’s physical strength and depends on him less, and the man depends less on the woman because he has a microwave and ready-to-cook food. Men and women are drifting apart more and more.

Therefore, if we still want to save the family and the correct form of human existence, we must reach such a connection between a man and a woman when the Shechina, the upper force of the nature, is revealed between them.

For this, we need a special education that would teach us to connect or at least to begin getting closer to each other. Nowadays, a physical gap has emerged between men and women, and precisely here, integral education must intervene, begin reducing the gap, and bring the opposite sides closer.

We need to explain to men and women how much they are losing because of their separation and how much they can gain through the correct connection, and teach them how to reach it. When we are connected correctly the Shechina is revealed between us, which is absolutely a different level, a sense of life that is called heaven. Adam and Eve return to the Garden of Eden!

If we don’t do it, we will miss not only the opportunity to live in heaven, but all of this life in general because no one is satisfied with it.

Question: Would couples that live as if in heaven still wage war with each other?

Answer: They will not fight because they will complete each other above all of the evil revealed. Love will cover all transgressions.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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