Regarding Revolutions And Creation

laitman_229All the revolutions of humanity demanded equality, not for a minimum standard of living, not equality for “wanderers in the desert,” but for bringing normal conditions to people. So that taxes won’t be at the willful disposal of the few who “seized” power, or in the present era, of the Parliament.

Today all of our lives are essentially distorted: governments collect money from its citizens and then does what it wants without asking anything. “You chose us, now let us do what we think is right.” Nobody cares about the needs of ordinary people. The people work and pay taxes and the government receives them and spends them as it sees fit.

That is what happens all over the world, in all forms of government. In fact, this is not democracy or liberalism, but one big corruption.

The question is: How is it possible to correct the situation? Only through the unification of the people. But many try to use the people, wanting to take control, to sit on the top, seize power, and distribute funds to their “pockets.”

And this will not stop. Ultimately the corruption will reach such proportions that not even crumbs will be left for the people. The whole world is faced with this problem.

Here only a general system of education will help, through which the people will understand what they need to do and what kind of government they need. Then they will not be misdirected and they will not put another corrupted government on their backs.

After all, they will see and know that in their unification lies the divine power of creation that allows not only abandoning things that are unnecessary, but also building what is wanted. Only then, through educating people, can something new be created.

Nothing else will help. Today a few clever people are arguing and discussing politics, credit, taxes, and budgets; but this is all one big lie and behind it is concealed a struggle over the seat, over the cushy job. And there will be no benefit from it for anyone besides that “lucky” one who seizes this chair.

Throughout human history, at the times of formations the main problem was the lack of the education of the people. Teaching people to read and write and some science without real connection and unity is not true education.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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  1. I enjoy my kabbalah readings and I agree about the government. Here in Hahira Ga the government is for the wealthy and they still try to segregate the black and white. But my kids are Jewish and they are black and they never have been taught racism in our home. Our family is our family at shull and they are lighter Jews and they have always been loved and taught that we are one people. But living here making them angry and myself as well. But anyway I really enjoy the daily teachings. And I will continue to fight for peace.

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