The Light Awaits On The Other Side Of The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanWith each new day the world plunges into increasingly greater darkness, helplessness, and despair. People are losing all hope in the future and cannot understand what can be done about it.

We can continue talking and confusing one another, bringing millions of people on the streets to break windows and burn things, but what next? There is no answer! Even the police and the government aren’t strong enough to oppose the protesters. That is how low everything has fallen and sunken in despair.

The government is only focused on internal affairs and fighting over seats—it doesn’t care about the people. It has completely lost touch with the people. And this isn’t the problem of one particular country, but of the whole world. That’s the state we have reached. There are no more strong individuals that appeal to the people. This is the face of our generation, as it is written by the prophets: “The face of the generation will be like the face of a dog.”

And they are unable to do anything about it because the government has no strength and no money to solve the problem. The only solution is to find a simple and accessible language, a sincere approach to explain to people what’s happening to the world. This would help them understand that there is only one solution, which they don’t yet perceive as acceptable because it exists on the side of globality and integrality, on the other side of the crisis.

Whereas we live inside the crisis! And we need to rise above it and then look. At this time it isn’t clear how we’ll be successful and how much we’ll be able to do, but that is our responsibility. Let’s hope for success.

I very much want for the entire world to advance in the good path, which is why I’m infuriated by those who are fomenting unrest and instigating the masses. This doesn’t add anything—it’s tantamount to tossing matches to ignite the fire. You don’t see an appeal to heart and mind, a readiness to enter into dialogue and negotiations, but only the desire to destroy everything.

But if a force is aimed only at destruction without a plan to build anything new, it is destructive and must be destroyed first and foremost. A solution must be put forward before anything else. But screaming for no reason and having no means or a program is simply childish. Then you’re left with simple student riots.

If you’re seeking a serious solution, you need to set up a round table and discuss the issues with economists and other people who understand the situation. If you want to influence something, you’ll need to involve yourself in politics and existing systems. You cannot begin to build anew all that humanity has been creating for thousands of years. Are you really smarter than the rest?

It is understood that this happens not from great intellect, but from losing the sensation of the future. For the first time in history a generation has arrived that doesn’t have a sense of tomorrow. It has no program.

This has never happened before! There were always revolutions of some kind, but in them people sought to achieve some specific goal and thought it was a way of achieving it. But here people are rebelling without a clear, material reason. There is only darkness ahead, and therein lies the whole problem. They have no desire to marry, have children, or achieve anything in life. They see that none of it brings fulfillment.

And then, all they have left is rioting and drugs. And that’s understandable because they resort to it out of despair. Therefore, as long as no solution is offered to these people, the same behavior will persist throughout the world. At any rate, people are finally beginning to understand that Kabbalists know what they are talking about.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/2011The Zohar

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  1. A week of tears and hope;
    My heart aches for the pain and destruction afflicted by the hate generated by our global egoism.
    My heart aches for all living in war-conflict regions, for those where famine still persists, for the victims of social inequalities without perspectives and hope for a/a better future…
    My heart aches but remains hopeful, confident in our unity “for the sake of Life” – now that I know that my pain and my tears are the call of my Father and I, like a small child, want Him more and more by myside.
    My heart deeply wishes that His call reaches all of us, soon.

    Unity to all friends in Israel and around the world.


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