The Final Sea – Yam Suf

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the Final Sea [the Red Sea] represent?

Answer: The Final Sea (Yam Suf in Hebrew) is a border between the ego and a freedom from it. It is not altruism yet, not love and bestowal, but an exit from the ego.

On the borderline between the egoism and the altruism there lies a barrier of water. Water has two qualities: on the one hand, the quality of the so-called Gevurot, meaning strict laws, harsh forces, and on the other hand, the forces of mercy and love.

Water that consists of these two forces represents a borderline that divides Egypt (an egoistic world) and an altruistic world. Therefore, it is necessary to pass, meaning to break through the part of the water representing harsh force that protects Egypt and doesn’t let to exit it.

If a person can pass this wall of water, he enters the amniotic fluid that starts developing him like a fetus in the mother’s womb. But he has to hate the ego so much that he would be able to get rid of it. And then the waters will part.

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