What We Celebrate On Passover

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who are the Egyptians and the people of Israel in terms of spiritual work?

Answer: The Torah speaks about a person like about an object that includes in itself the entire world. Everything is within the person.

The Egyptians in us are egoistic forces; the people of Israel are altruistic forces or forces that want to be altruistic, but are under command of Egyptians (egoism). The Pharaoh represents the entire ego in which we exist.

The Creator is the upper force that controls the Pharaoh, Moses, and all others. His task is to bring the entire creation to the equivalence of form with Him, to altruism. But this requires the recognition of the ego as an evil and the exit from it.

Moses is a force representing part of the Creator that exists inside the person and pulls him toward the revelation and attainment of the upper spiritual qualities. Between these forces occur interactions when a person feels inside himself which of his desires are egoistic, which are altruistic, which of them require a connection with the Creator and which cling to the Pharaoh.

This way he sorts them internally and as a result of this work he understands what actually drives him. He sees that he is completely under control of the Pharaoh. Wherever he turns, everywhere he discovers the Pharaoh hidden within him.

It seems to him that he already works for the sake of bestowal and love of others, that he is above all earthly egoistic desires, but he still continues revealing them within himself. In the end, he doesn’t just despair but is convinced that the Pharaoh possesses him 100%.

But at the same time a special point called Moses that resists the Pharaoh is emerges within him. It starts a fight with the Pharaoh and dooms itself to the ten plagues of Egypt that have to pass over the ego. This way a person starts to understand that he can get rid of the ego. But how can he do it? It is not clear yet.

With this feeling he enters a dark night where, on one hand, he cannot see and understand how the redemption happens, but on the other hand, he passionately desires it. This night is called the night of exiting Egypt and we celebrate it on Passover.

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