laitman_951Question: What does Pharaoh represent?

Answer: Pharaoh is an immense force. I will not talk about him as a personality because practically this persona doesn’t really exist. The wisdom of Kabbalah examines Pharaoh as the immense ego that is created by the Creator. It develops and absorbs everything into its egoism and is ready to devour the entire world.

It is insatiable and gradually becomes revealed as humanity develops. The more we strive to do something in the world and get something, the more it devours, leaving us no hope of changing the world for the better or a happy future. On the contrary, the world only becomes worse and worse.

More and more people are dissatisfied with life. We once thought that we could get along, but today we don’t. Today people no longer feel secure in the most distant villages, not economically or from the aspect of material existence. Now people are so tied to the whole world they cannot feed themselves. This is a paradox, but a farmer cannot feed himself from his own land.

Pharaoh (egoism) swallows this, because it brings us together so much that we cannot be independent from others. It makes our world integral, global, and interconnected, a small village in which we all depend on each other. And here we see that we cannot handle it.

Egoism leads us to the need to be properly interconnected with one another. This means that Pharaoh himself, by transforming our world so that it becomes mutually connected, brings us to a state where we hate it and then we transform our world into another one with good connections between us. Otherwise we will not be able to continue living. But then Pharaoh continually directs us against unity. So on the one hand, even though he awakens in us a desire for unity and acts so that we cannot live without making the right connections between us, since otherwise we cannot provide ourselves with even the most essential things, and on the other hand, he won’t let us unite. This contrast sums up the merit of Pharaoh.

Therefore he is called an “angel of the Creator.” He was created by the Creator like the two-faced Janus, where from one side he obliges us to connect and unite and on the other side won’t let us get closer to each other. So we begin to understand that we have no other way out besides rising above it, escaping from it. So we run away from him. This means that the flight from Pharaoh, from our nature, from our ego, is the Exodus from Egypt.

This is not easy because it is still up to us to discover all this within us. Our time is unique. We are now discovering everything that the Creator prepared for us in the form of Pharaoh. Pharaoh is now being revealed among us in the form of the global and integral world, and at the same time, individually it doesn’t allow us to exist in accordance with this integral world. So we need to respect Pharaoh because he takes us out of Egypt.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/12/16

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