The Munich Tragedy, Palestinian Style

Laitman_052Question: The Council of Jewish Organizations in France expressed indignation that the Cannes Film Festival has planned the screening of an Arab film, Munich: The Palestinian Story. In the film, the terrorists who kidnapped and murdered the Israeli athletes are called freedom fighters, and all responsibility for the crime is thrown upon the German police. How is such a distortion of clear facts possible?

Answer: Today the entire modern world has become like this. If everyone says, “The Jews drink blood” and accuse them with charges that are devoid of logic, so why would the Cannes Film Festival be different? In our time, culture has become a means of political expression.

Comment: And people easily believe it.

Answer: Certainly! So they exploit culture. The controlling authorities have taken the so-called independent communications media into their hands, and now they are also taking the control of culture in their hands. They are also giving their attention to the areas of life in which it is still possible to operate on a person and manipulate him.

Comment: In spite of all this, the Jewish Agency, which is an “agency” of our external publicity, is investing great efforts in propaganda.

Answer: These organizations cannot do anything, they don’t have the power. The only thing we can do is conduct an audit of who we are. Are we to blame for what is happening? It is impossible for us to constantly justify ourselves and blame the nations of the world for being the “bad guys” and say we are the “good guys.”

We must dig deeper to understand who the Jews what Israel, how we relate to the implementation of the program in all of nature and the world. After all, we really manage this, without knowing it, and our bad attitude towards each other is bad for all the people who accuse us that we are the source of all evil. Therefore, we ourselves are building with their own hands is in itself, and no one is to blame.

And the peoples of the world have no way of confronting what we are doing in the world.

It is necessary to dig deeper to understand who the Jews are, what Israel is, and how we are connected to the implementation of the program of the development of all of nature and the world. After all, we really do manage this program without knowing it, and our bad attitude toward one another is bad for all the people who accuse us of being the source of all evil. Therefore with our very own hands we are building such an attitude toward us and no one else is to blame. The peoples of the world have no opportunity to confront what we are doing in the world.

Question: Are we capable of changing this attitude?

Answer: We can change this attitude if we listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says, otherwise there is no way.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/17/16

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