David Cameron In A Struggle Against Corruption

laitman_547_05Comment: British Prime Minister David Cameron convened the first summit to combat corruption in London with the goal of creating a global movement that will defeat corruption. It seems that humanity is not learning anything; after all, these endless summits and forums like the G8 and G20 always collapse.

Answer: A politician of the stature of David Cameron cannot think otherwise. He can never be imbued with any idea other than how to take hold of the “steering wheel.” According to his understanding, everything revolves and exists only to attain this goal.

Question: Which is to say, the world will not fight corruption?

Answer: The world will not, can not, and does not want to fight corruption. For a person in power, nothing is sacred except two things: his children and his money. A person has no control over death, yet he wants to control his money and his children.

Question: How would you deal with corruption?

Answer: I personally have no one to fight. I understand the abominable egoistic nature of humanity, that there is nothing worse, and I see how weak we are against it. It “plays” with us.

Yet there is a method that makes it possible for us to rise above our nature, at least to such a degree that a more or less respectable “institution” could be created from worldly society that would live according to good laws. Otherwise the world will deteriorate into an abyss. But we can make a good, comfortable, beautiful, and happy life. Then it will be good for all, including Cameron.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/15/16

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