Man And Woman – Such Different Worlds, Part 2

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Question: Presently, men and women receive pleasure from the fact that they dominate over one another. How is it possible to enjoy our equality and mutual completion?

Answer: Only completing each other brings us real sexual pleasure. When each of us connects with a partner above their animal sexual feeling, in a corrected spiritual coupling, we turn into a spiritual man and woman who complete each other in order to reveal the upper force, and an eternal, heavenly life between them.

This force of life is revealed between these two to the extent that they are able to make a correction called “A man and a woman and the divinity (Schechina) between them.” In this way we create the upper world between us, and then we exist in it, and it exists in us.

Question: What does a woman have to do in order to feel equal to a man and enable their mutual completion?

Answer: A woman must help a man and a man must help a woman to really feel equal with respect to correction and connection to the upper force. We can never be equal in any other sense.

Only through revelation of the Creator between us, when all desires of a man and woman complete each other, an eternal and complete state is created that is called the “Garden of Eden.”

To do this, one needs to think about the other and help the other to reach a correct spiritual conduct. A man must help a woman in this, and a woman must help a man. And in this, a woman has a much higher mission than a man. After all, she needs to show him that she expects from him exactly this, so that revelation of the highest spiritual level will become more important to him than dominating a woman in any way: spiritually, financially, or sexually.

A woman wants to adhere to a spiritual man. And a man has to receive the proper education so that the revelation of the spiritual state will be the most important goal for him. And because he is unable to reach this goal without a woman, he requires her, her inner strength and support.

He needs a woman that will support him and will be building a spiritual nest together with him, not for an animal coupling, but for a spiritual one. Spiritual merging between man and woman is called coupling where each invests their force of bestowal above the force of love for their unity.

This is not power of one over the other and not an acquisition, but a special completion of each other above their personal egoism and their joint egoism. Joint egoism is the physical coupling where they materially complete each other and become like one body. However this is only a bodily connection.

They want to unite spiritually. When a man and a woman reach such completion, they really come to the perfect life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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