Man And Woman – Such Different Worlds, Part 1

laitman_627_1Woman is monogamous by her nature and gets attached to a man with whom she has an intimate relationship. And man is polygamous and usually doesn’t bind himself to a woman with whom he had sex. These qualities came to us from the animal world. Nature arranged it so for caring for the young.

Therefore, only the woman has a special symbol of virginity, which testifies that she never was with a man. And men don’t have this symbol. It is because there is a special value in woman that belongs to one man only.

After all, every man that had a relationship with a woman leaves his genes in her. If a woman had ten men and then she gives birth to a child from the eleventh, then this baby has psychological, physiological, and spiritual data from all previous ten. A memory of an intimate relationship with each man, both material and spiritual, is left in the woman.

We are not talking about simple recollection, but about genes, hormones, internal impressions that are imprinted in her body. And if she gives birth to a child afterward, then all the genes from her previous men will manifest in him.

Therefore, it is so important for a girl to be a virgin and to belong to one man only. If a man wants the child that she gives birth to, to have only his qualities, he needs to look for a virgin.

Question: It often happens that a man uses his position and power to become intimate with a woman that is his subordinate. There is an opinion, that it isn’t just a desire to have sex but a way to assert his authority.

Answer: When a man gets power over others, he wants to own women that are his subordinates. And ownership is established by the sexual relationship. We see it in animals and in humans, and therefore we will witness more such scandals in the police, in the government, and in all other parts of the society.

We need to understand that this is a natural phenomenon that can be partially avoided only through correct organization of the workplaces. But it is impossible to eliminate these cases completely because we inherited this behavior from the animate degree.

A man who has some status in the society begins to consider women working under his management as belonging to him. Therefore, proper education that will build a different system of relations between us is necessary. We are bound to come to such a society where we are all equal despite the fact that we are totally different.

Our goal will be equality and connection within it, when there can’t be small and large, superiors or subordinates.

A healthy man feels that every woman in the world, except his close relatives, potentially belongs to him. The only solution is a state of complete equality. The state “A man and a woman, and the Shechina between them” is possible not when one dominates another but when both are completely equal.

It means that both of them, a man and a woman, have to work against their natural egoism and assist one another to complement each other so that there won’t be any difference between them. And this is just for the sake of revealing the upper force, which becomes the most important thing for them. The revelation of the upper force between them is the cause of all corrections they want to perform on themselves.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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