The Murderer Breivik Defeated The Nation

Laitman_002Question: In 2011, a Norwegian named Anders Breivik killed 77 people and explained that he did this to shake up Norwegian society so that it would think about its purity of blood. Anders received a sentence of 21 years imprisonment. He served five years in a cell with three rooms: an office, a bedroom and a gym.

During his imprisonment, he was accepted to the University of Oslo and received the best food in prison. Later, he filed a lawsuit against the state, saying that he was sitting in inhuman conditions, for example, they were serving him cold coffee and his game console was old. However, his main complaint was that they didn’t allow his admirers to visit him, and they didn’t create a nationalist party.

Anders won the trial. The court ruled that, according to the third article of the European Convention on Human Rights, his claims were justified. Therefore, they paid $40,000 for his legal costs. The verdict doesn’t make any sense.

Answer: Today, the world is run according to general rules and laws that are difficult to understand.

The case described is one of the distortions of the modern world. The laws of the Torah don’t have the concept of “prison.” A person must be free. If he is a danger to society, he must be killed. Death is his correction. According to the precise maintenance of natural law, a person who knowingly kills another person and can repeat his act must be sentenced to death.

Question: Will this come back on us like a boomerang?

Answer: No, humanity hasn’t learned anything from this. The idea is not about correcting the law, but about reaching a state in which our attitude toward all of our development—our attitude toward our nature, the world and life—is determined.

When we stand against the need to uproot the source of the evil in human nature but don’t know how to do that, then the realization comes that there is a wisdom that is engaged with this that makes it possible to transcend human nature.

It is only then that people will understand that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks precisely about this, whereas today, they are not hearing it.

There are many people like Anders Breivik. So, prisons will continue to be filled with criminals, and nothing can be done about it. A nation that leads its people according to the democratic method of government must pay the price for it. The Norwegians are showing the entire world the boundlessness of human stupidity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/21/16

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