The Spiritual Meaning Of Virginity

laitman_559Question: Is there a spiritual meaning of virginity?

Answer: Yes, because the female part of the spiritual vessel (Kli) is embodied by desire. The desire that begins to work with the Light goes through certain phases of preparation, and it is called the disruption of the hymen.

There are many laws of ritual purity regarding this issue. You can go into Judaism sites and find detailed explanations on this matter: what it is, how to behave, how should a virgin prepare herself, how long she is regarded as impure, and so forth. All of this stems from spiritual laws that should relate to the spiritual roots. Thus, the correct interaction between the Light and the vessel are fulfilled, and in our world, it is coined in expressions and images such as the male and female bodies.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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  1. Do male virgins have spiritual value like that of a female?

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