The Perception Of Reality: Body And Soul

Laitman_712_03Question: What is body and soul?

Answer: Before we begin to speak about body and soul, we must understand how we perceive ourselves and our reality. We feel everything in the same way that a television set operates. There are electric forces that operate inside it, and vectors appear on the screen and create a picture that we perceive.

The same thing happens inside our head. As Baal HaSulam said, there is a screen inside our head in which there are vectors of forces in motion that depict different pictures for us. However, these vectors are our own internal forces that depict the picture of this world on the background of the white Light.

This principle of the perception of reality is also characteristic of the spiritual world. After all, if we consider the relations of altruistic vectors instead of egoistic vectors, we will receive a picture of the spiritual world, which means that everything I perceive in my egoistic desires depicts the picture of our world for me, and everything that I begin to perceive with my altruistic desires, if I acquire them, is called the picture of the upper, spiritual world and nothing more than that. This is the whole difference.

There are corporeal bodies in our world that we feel as our own and as independent forces, although they are also vectors, forces that give us a feeling in our senses of something warm and alive. We call the soul a virtual force that revives the corporeal body, and both are merely forces that depict pictures and images of this world for us.

As for the spiritual world, if we depict everything by altruistic forces and not by egoistic ones, our spiritual body will be a desire to bestow that is opposite to my current desire to receive, and the reviving force that now fills it (which means the soul) will be a force of love and bestowal, not a force of receiving for myself the way it is now. But a person who has not acquired this force and is in the intermediate phase now cannot see that.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t prove anything. This method teaches a person how to see that reality is fuller and more perfect, that the way one feels today is only a small part of the whole. A person who implements the method of Kabbalah develops his senses until he can depict the picture of the spiritual world on the background of the Upper Light (the attribute of general bestowal) through the help of the force of bestowal. Then, he can exist both in our world and in the upper world at the same time.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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