An Odd Fish

laitman_764_3Question: How can I develop a new perception that allows me to exit the aquarium of this world?

Answer: First I have to investigate how I live. I have a desire to exit this aquarium, but all my senses operate inside it.

I aspire to break free, but it is only an inner demand that makes me feel clammed up. So what’s next? How can I get out of the aquarium and feel the external world?

An Odd Fish

I want to leave my fish body inside the aquarium and escape like some bodiless spirit so that my soul will break free of this fish, of the water, of the aquarium, and will begin to live on the outside! This is the desire I feel! This desire stems from the same soul that wishes to exit my body.

And in this case I need a guide that will tell me what to do if I am such a crazy fish. Perhaps there is something wrong with me or perhaps I have already developed to the next level.

This yearning seems abnormal since 99% of the people live peacefully in the aquarium and feel fine, while I suddenly feel that living in a locked aquarium is worse than death and that I have to get out of it. I have to discover the external reality, to know the upper force, to know the world that is beyond the walls of the aquarium that has become a prison for me.

Then I begin to look for a way to perform this revolution inside me and I find the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t teach the beginner what is external to him because at first there is no one to teach. At first I have nothing but the desire to come out of the body of the fish. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches me how to get out.

When I find myself outside the aquarium, I will begin to develop in the new world. The main thing is to get out! The aquarium remains and so does the fish inside it with its physical body and all its senses in the water, but the special desire that has awoken in that fish, which is called the point in the heart, comes out of the aquarium and a new sense develops from it, a new spiritual body.

I don’t identify myself with that fish anymore and it becomes meaningless for me. It lives and I am ready to provide it with everything it needs as long as it leaves me alone. In fact, that fish doesn’t require more than it needs in order to exist: food, sex, family, money, respect, and knowledge. I can provide it with all that as long as it doesn’t interfere with my developing a new sense.

This new body also has five types of sensations: “sight, hearing, taste, smell,” and “touch,” but they have different names: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. Through them I receive five types of impressions that depict the picture of the upper spiritual world in me. This world is called spiritual (Ruhani) since I first develop in it on the still level and then on the level of the vegetative (Ruach – spirit), which is the first level that depends on me.

Thus, I begin to develop outside the aquarium. The fish remains in the aquarium and it can live and die in it. It is still connected to some extent to my new part that lives outside the aquarium, called a soul, but the main point is that I have already freed my point in the heart, which very much wanted to break out.

I have taken it out of my corporeal desires that were absolutely egoistic and have begun to develop externally to them. Now I begin to feel the reality outside the aquarium, which no one else in the world feels and doesn’t even imagine exists.

There are people who think about what there was before they were born or what they will be after their death. Before we are born our matter exists in a different form and after death it will be transformed again, but our birth, our life, or our death have nothing to do with the spiritual world because they are expressed in the matter of the egoistic desire to receive. On the other hand, the matter of the upper world is a desire to bestow.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 5/12/14

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