The Force Of Good And The Force Of Evil, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere Is No Evil in the World

Question: Can a person protect himself from all evil?

Answer: A person can be shielded from evil if he learns from past mistakes or if his parents, teachers, and society teach him from the start.

We pass this education from generation to generation: how to live so that a person will not make a mistake. He must know that there are no good and evil forces, rather there are two opposing forces: reception and bestowal. He must know how to balance them.

There is no evil in the world; rather, there are always possibilities for doing good and maintaining balance. We would not see any evil if we were sources of balance throughout the world and perceived it as one whole system. Only because of our view, our incorrect approach, do we see the world damaged and evil.

However, we have damaged it ourselves by not creating balance anywhere, especially not in human society! And so it seems to us that this world is cruel and that everything in it is evil. It seems to us as if we were given this tiny planet as a toy so that we could break it and throw it away. People behaves on this earth as foolish children.

But the time has come to begin to behave logically and understand the right approach to nature, that there is no evil or good in it, but two opposing force: plus and minus, electron and proton. Between them, we must organize our lives. So let’s organize! Life could be wonderful if it were to flow harmoniously between these two forces!

Good is not found on any single side; rather, it is in the middle, in a balanced state. And the two opposing forces simply operate from the sides. The positive force is called this, not because it is good, but simply because it emits, gives, bestows, and moves outward. The second force is called negative because it receives, and attracts to itself.

These simply are two opposing forces, and if we balance them correctly, we can create a connection between them that is called life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/03/14

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