The Force Of Good And The Force Of Evil, Part 1

laitman_207Question: All religions imagine the world as if its ruled by the two forces of good and evil. An ordinary person perceives the world the same way by feeling he’s being exposed to bad and good forces. What is the good force, causing all the good things, and what is the evil force that brings all the troubles?

Many people dream that in this world there is only one force of good and wonder why there is a force of evil? This duality is a constant struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, destruction and construction; it accompanies us throughout our lives. Why is there a confrontation between the force of good and the force of evil?

Answer: There is no confrontation. It’s just us that feel some forces as good and others as evil. In nature there are no good or bad forces. Indeed, there are opposing forces, the plus and the minus, attraction and repulsion, the light and the darkness.

Life is impossible without the two opposing forces, there is no metabolism in living organisms, no metabolic process, and there is no connection between subatomic particles or between space objects in the universe, uniting them into one body.

Life is always based on the confrontation between the two forces, and flows in the “middle line” that connects them both. Life appears in the subject or body in which these opposing forces interact. When they reach relative equilibrium, then the next step of the renewed life is born.

That is, the opposing forces establish a certain harmony between themselves during their encounter in the material. It turns out, the opposing subatomic forces, the electrons and protons, build the entire atoms, which join together in a molecule.

Molecules of the opposite forces already can decide between themselves what is good and what is bad for their compound. This is why they attract, assimilate, and absorb useful substances, and extract harmful ones. This is how metabolism occurs during which life survives and develops.

All of this is done at the expense of the proper alignment of two opposing forces. There is no development and life without it. Otherwise, there could be no development of our universe consisting only of inanimate matter and especially vegetative matter. The combination of the opposing forces on the vegetative level is even more complex, and on the animate level the complexity is more intricate.

There is a difficult investigation that takes place inside one’s mind and perception, the definition of good and evil on all levels. Our mind is built on the fact that we constantly analyze the struggle of opposing forces and look for the most benefit from any form of their connection.

It’s impossible to use only one force without the other, only in their interaction. That’s the way life goes.

On the still, vegetative, and animate levels the system works fine, is developing well. If sometimes we see some disasters in nature, it’s only because we evaluate their relevancy to ourselves. But in fact, the whole universe—still, vegetative, and animate worlds—are moving under the influence of positive and negative forces that interact with each other and move evolution forward.

Everything is fine until it comes to the human. These two forces of “good” and “evil,” as we call them, also affect a person. If we knew the essence of the program of nature and kept the balance of positive and negative forces, then we would live quietly and peacefully.

The problem is that a person has freedom of choice. One chooses the balance of positive and negative forces at will. This is where our initial spoiled nature manifests itself, and as a result, we make more pleasant and convenient decisions instead of the correct ones.

We are more interested in profit than in truth. This is why we begin to lay a curved path, one that isn’t in the middle between the negative and positive forces that must be equal and properly combined with each other to promote development. Instead, we are always inclined to follow a convenient way, and at the expense of others.

We are all parts of integral nature, and there we must be in total harmony with the inanimate, vegetative, and animate worlds, evolving in the same direction with them. Nevertheless, if we were to maintain a balance between the two forces by exercising the freedom of choice while keeping them in harmony, we would develop properly.

We wouldn’t allow ourselves to use the forces of nature more than we need to in order to live harmoniously with each other and the environment. Our life would be simple, but serene. We’d get what we need for our existence from nature, and we would use the rest of the forces for our own internal development.

All of the misfortunes of mankind began when humanity began to produce more goods than it needed for life. This is the turning point where humanity began to deteriorate. From this point on we’ve lost the balance of forces and started to turn them as was convenient to our egoism.

The general scheme is as follows: There is a positive force, a negative force, and we are in the middle, the people with our own egoism. If we were to use these two forces of nature in order to balance our lives and if we would implement all of the erupting egoism for our internal, spiritual growth only, then we would rise to the next level called “man.”

Our material life, that is, the life of our bodies on the animate level, with everything they need like food and family would have remained at the bottom in a balanced form, in the same state in which it should be. We would use our egoism to bring balance into the two opposing forces and rise to the spiritual level, to spiritual life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/3/14

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