The Force Of Good And The Force Of Evil, Part 3

laitman_759Suffering Due to a Lack of Balance

Question: Why does an evil force exist at all? Was it impossible to make things so life would be all good without any pain and torment?

Answer: The pain and torment testify to some kind of lack: a lack of oxygen, cold, heat, or nourishment. We suffer from a lack of fulfillment, wholeness, and balance. This suffering obliges us to remove the imbalance, to attain what is missing to complete ourselves.

We always feel pain; even the hand that rests comfortably on the table endures the pressure of the table. But if the suffering is not great, it helps us to feel objects and use them, which is to say, to react to the surrounding world.

But there are such reactions that have already crossed the threshold of pleasant feelings and begin to be felt as true suffering and pain. Pain is also a useful phenomenon. Pain protects us, obligates us to flee from danger, and forces us to heal our illnesses. There isn’t just evil in the world; everything depends upon how we relate to it.

Question: I will give an example: Yesterday when I was not around, they smashed the window of my car and stole a bag with money and documents. How can I remove this lack and imbalance? What can I do to become whole and balanced?

Answer: This is an excellent example. You are certainly suffering, and this testifies to your illness. Our whole society is sick.

You still don’t know that in this way they are showing you that you are sick: every citizen of this nation and all of us together are sick. And now you should try to find a remedy.

Don’t think that this happened for no reason like a little child who drops a cup and claims that it broke by itself. For every phenomenon there is a reason and it is necessary to learn it so that it won’t come back again.

Question: Does it follow that from the start we are condemned with illnesses if the world was created with weaknesses and pain?

Answer: No, we ourselves create the diseases. The pain is given only to show us where wholeness is required. If I put my hand into a fire and I don’t feel the pain, it will be burned. This pain is useful.

Suffering becomes bad not because it hurts me but because I don’t react correctly to the pain. This evil is found only in me, and not in some additional place somewhere.

If a lion wants to devour me, it is impossible to blame him for being evil. He acts according to his nature, his internal instincts. He became hungry and I looked quite tasty to him. It is not the lion that is bad; rather, it is I, because I put myself in a situation where he could attack me.

So it is worthwhile for me to stay away from this evil so that I won’t be hurled into bad situations. I won’t travel to a jungle anymore or I will put the lion in a cage.

There isn’t any evil! If I make a mistake once, then this is a lesson for me. If I repeat the same mistake, then this is stupidity.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/3/14

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  1. Okay…maybe I can park my car in a safer place but civil war? (Syria), economic depression (Greece), violent religious persecution, sexual slavery (present in almost all countries, the victims predominantly women and children born into situations they cannot avoid), starvation and cruelty in a world of plenty??? Every single day people who did nothing to bring great evil on themselves, suffer greatly. And every single day, the people who brought “on” the suffering could care less. In one way or another they justify their actions. This is a very complex system is it not? We have to back to the “intelligent plan” idea in the first post today to try to understand what we see. I am just a beginner but the succession here seems to be the “explanation” Baal HaSulam, the description of the correct society “Rabash”, and an attempt at its implementation “Rav Laitman”. The absolute truth of the matter is that you are correct. The only way to implement this in this world is to create model and exemplary societies of people devoted to living this way and have them reach such numbers that the rest of the world begins to pay attention…a very difficult task. You are however doing remarkable things…let us all hope it works.

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