A House Open To All People

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe people of Israel have a task, a unique mission to become a house open to all people who want to discover the Creator. Therefore, we must build such a society from our people and become like a wonderful, immense cup that is ready and able to contain everyone. We must open our hands so that everyone who wants this, can come and be included within the embrace of our arms and join us.

This is because the people of Israel are not like others who became a people thanks to a shared living space and a shared history. In contrast to this, the Jewish people were established according to its role, its mission, and in accord with its future goal.

So we must prepare a place for all of humanity so that it will be possible for them to come and learn to understand why we exist, why we are alive, and why we suffer.

This is particularly important in our times, when humanity is sliding vigorously and quickly towards an abyss. It is specifically because of this that the role of the people of Israel is so important.

If we don’t hasten to carry out our mission and are late in our development, then we invite blows upon ourselves. Those same forces that we could develop within ourselves, but don’t want to, are pressing upon us negatively.

This is like a little child who doesn’t want to learn and with this he compels his parents to pressure him, and he thinks that they are bad. They actually are not bad, they simply want him to succeed. That is how the forces of nature have acted in every moment of our history.

History is a very precise and clear program and if we don’t carry out the obligations regarding ourselves and humanity at every moment, the mission that is not carried out begins to put pressure on us and forcefully moves us forward.

This negative force can be revealed in the form of problems, wars, expulsion from the country [Israel], annihilation, and a Holocaust. Everything depends on how much we delay in carrying out our mission with respect to the schedule that is determined by the program of creation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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