The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the fact that Jews have two forces, reception and bestowal, give us special flexibility and intelligence that is not available to others?

Answer: Let’s assume that you have one eye which allows you to see everything, but in a superficial form without depth or peripheral vision.This is the picture that would form if you were to close one eye and if the brain would not complete the picture into its usual form.

Jews have two eyes, two forces that he uses to see the depth of things. He sees how they work in a mutual form and how to utilize one force with the other for the benefit of progress. He understand in advance what can result from the plan.

Jews have great potential, as compared to other nations, but we do not know how to use this potential. Indeed, after the Jewish people came to the land of Israel from ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago, the Jews reached love and unity among the people, and almost immediately, we began to deteriorate and descend from the level of concern and mutual connection.

This is called  the destruction of the Holy Temple. All sanctity and mutual bestowal that we had achieved began to gradually disappear. After 1,000 years, instead of love of others, what was revealed between us was unfounded hatred. This is called destruction.

We then entered into a state that is called exile, because between us there was no more force of connection but only the egoistic force. Nevertheless, it keeps us together but only because of our fear of the world, from the nations of the world that are willing to attack us and destroy us. They expel us from one country to another country because we are a nation that no one considers. In the beginning, they receive everything possible from us, and later they expel us. And all this is because we fell from love of others to unfounded hatred.

This means that now there is only the egoistic force that acts inside us, as in the whole world. In spite of that, there remains the potential in us to return to the state where we possessed two forces, to rise above the ego and cover it with a dome of love.

Although we are in exile and we don’t truly posses the second force, since it only exists in potential, nevertheless, a certain illumination acts upon us, because many generations ago we were in spirituality. Something remains in us: this illumination that will act upon us when we will return to spirituality. This is the reason that we have succeeded more than the rest of the nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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