The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanAbraham’s group that existed in Babylon became a nation, even though it is actually not a nation. All other nations were established as a result of an historical process because they lived on the same land and married between themselves. But Abraham’s group existed only on the foundation of an ideological principle.

Also, many people from other nations joined them later and became Kabbalists and sages in the nation of Israel. They joined the Jewish nation and studied the system that enables one to understand and come into harmony within ourselves, with nature, and to develop an equivalence of form with nature.

Nevertheless, the more it contrasts with all of humanity, the more the hatred toward the nation of Israel grows. This is not from the exclusiveness of a certain nation, such as was the case with the Romans or Greeks, but it derives from the nature of the desire to receive that can’t stand the desire to bestow. This is because bestowal is opposite to reception; these are two opposing forces.

The ego of the other nations, which is the desire to enjoy, hates the desire to bestow, which is the additional force that exists in the nation of Israel. This hatred is hidden within nature’s foundation, so therefore it is impossible to prevent or defeat it. It is only possible to quiet it for a while, but not more than that.

Therefore, as humanity grew and developed, likewise this hatred thrived and grew more and more.  Although the nation of Israel lived in modesty, the rest of the world chased corporeal success by building big houses and palaces, becoming rich, and dividing themselves into the masters and the poor. Wealth and civilization developed, Rome, ancient Greece and the Middle East were thriving. And the Jews lived very simply because the main thing for them was to be connected between them. They did not have an urge to build palaces or own slaves.

The Mishna and the Talmud show that they lived according to very strange laws that did not exist in any other nation at that time. They lived according to laws of mutual help that connected everyone together. This was the main thing for them.

This approach and the extreme differences were completely opposite to the customs of the other nations. But the main thing is that this hatred is rooted in nature, and so it remains to this day.

It is interesting that according to social surveys, the state with the highest level of anti-Semitism is South Korea, although it is so distant from Israel; I don’t think a single Jew has lived there. This country is not connected at all to Israel. The people themselves don’t understand why, but they feel an inner aversion that flows from the depth of nature.

The inner reason for anti-Semitism has to be clarified instead of paying attention to the exterior reasons. But in truth, the reason lies deep inside, beyond money and politics. There is an inner force that was revealed to the Jewish nation and not to the rest of the nations. Therefore, the nations of the world accuse the Jews of exploiting others, although in reality, the Jews give the world more than all the rest of the nations. It is enough to see how many Nobel prizes are given to Jews, and the number of famous doctors and Hollywood stars that are Jewish.

All of it is because two forces of nature exist in Jews: the desire to receive, the ego, and the desire to bestow, altruism. Jews can manufacture and build things that others can’t because only one egoistic force exists in their foundation. Therefore, Jews always were, are, and will be the most successful among all the other nations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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