Cameos Are A Lie!

Laitman_049_01Question: It is said that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet contain a special power and that is why people who are versed in Kabbalah sign cameos (amulets), which protect a person and help him.

To date, there is a whole industry for the production of a variety of cameos for all occasions. And the only secret of these cameos is that Hebrew letters—in a certain order, in special formulas, in a certain form—are written on them. There is a whole technique for making cameos.

What is the special power in the Hebrew alphabet? What do you need to know to connect these letters correctly so that they really have the power?

Can you teach me to sign a cameo?

Answer: No. Cameos are a lie! How can I give you my cameo?! You must know the letters to form them inside yourself from the two forces of reception and bestowal existing in you.

You must first find out where these forces are in you, distinguish between them, make them in a special combination to get this or that letter, i.e., a special property. After all, each letter is a property. This is explained in the article “The Letters By Rabbi Amnon Saba” in the Introduction to The Book of Zohar.

Once you know the letters and know how to make them within yourself, you start to understand the program that runs through you like a reel of film. You start to see where you are, where in this program, how you are working on where you are.

You “read” it; you become a member recognizing this program, reading it, and beginning to process it.

And suddenly you discover an empty spot in it; you stop and want to insert yourself into this program: “What letter should I add? In what form?” And then you write.

This means that you add your desire, mind, feelings, your personality, to what the Creator wrote to you, exactly in the place that He left empty so you would become His partner.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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