Letters Are The Symbols Of The Upper Force

Laitman_151From the blog post The World That Does Not Have A Place, if I want to record the two forces from above (reception and bestowal) acting on our world, I must illustrate this in a graph: how one force acts and how another acts, and then how they both act on a certain material.

I record the net effect of these two forces on the material in the form of a symbol, then looking at this symbol, I know that now these two forces affect the material in this way.

Say this symbol is the letter “Shin (ש).”  A letter is a symbol, and the Shin is the general form of these two forces that print inside our material, the desire to receive, the desire to enjoy, because it is the entire material of our world.

There are 22 letters and five so-called final letters (Mantsepach). Altogether, there are 27 letters, i.e., symbols, combinations of the two forces, standard forms, like a press that imprints itself inside the material, the desire to receive, our ego, and with this impression, it begins to live and change.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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