The Best Place On Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Earlier you said that it is possible to do spiritual work while sitting behind the computer screen. So why are you now saying that someone who hasn’t come to a convention loses?

Answer: I was asked me a question, “Are there special, sacred, and unique places in the world in which spirituality is felt more than in other places?” I answered that there are no places like that. Everything in the world is found under the control of the one unique force, the upper light, which is found at absolute rest and fills all space equally.

Also, I said that if the person wants to advance, he must find a good place. What does that mean? There are places in which the higher force is revealed to a greater extent and there are places in which it is revealed to a lesser extent.

The force itself exists everywhere, but if in some place there are groups of people who are engaged with connection between them, then they are able to make from themselves and their mutual connection a detector of this power. They perceive it, it lives within them, and they increase it through their mutual interaction.

This is not saying that if I live in an apartment next door to such a group that I will be under its good influence. But if I enter into this group and try to unite with it, then I will be under the influence of what the friends accumulate among them and then I will find a good place on earth.

There is nothing sacred in geographic locations, rocks, trees, or other objects. Holiness is found where people gather who want to resemble the higher power in their mutual properties. You can advance more quickly and precisely among people like these. This is the most blessed place.

So those people who have not come to our conventions have lost a great deal. They were not included in that blessing, in the good that was here during these days. It is unfortunate, because they won’t find another place like this. In life, there are very few places with opportunities like these for a person, and so it is necessary to take advantage of them.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson #4

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