A Woman Is A Cup Of Blessing

Dr. Michael LaitmanA woman is a symbol of the desire. The desire should be raised in the spiritual work to the level where it is purified of all its egoistic mixtures.

As it states in Zohar La’am, “Leviticus,” “Amor,” item 38: Moses said: “It is a Mitzva (commandment) that the great priest should marry a virgin.” As it says: “he should not take a widow, a divorcee, a desecrated or a prostitute, but he should take a virgin for a wife.” Why should he take only a flawless virgin? It is because a woman is a cup of blessing, “if it has been tasted it has been flawed.” This refers to Malchut that is called a cup of blessing. The great priest who sacrifices the offering before the Lord should be whole and flawless in all his parts, since the defects disqualify the priests. Whole in his body, whole in his Nukva, so that he can keep the saying: “you are completely beautiful my wife and flawless.”

Therefore the names “widow,” “divorcee,” “desecrated,” prostitute.” and “married” all mean that the desire is not yet completely pure and free of the ego. It is only after the total purification that it becomes worthy of the level on which the priest works.This level is called a virgin.To become a virgin means to ascend to the level that isn’t corrupted by the egoistic inclination.Then it can be used as the Nukva by the priest since it is free of any egoistic parts and inclusions and thus he can marry her. This means that with the help of such a desire, he can now receive the Upper Light to perform the Zivug de Haka’a and then give birth to the next level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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