The Rise Of IQ Has Stopped

laitman_220In the News (from InoSMI): “For decades, the IQ (intelligence quotient index) among Westerners was constantly rising due to better nutrition, growth, education and health care. But after a long-term growth of IQ, it began to decline.

“This is called the Flynn effect. For example in Finland, the IQ has not grown since 1997. The decline of IQ is slow and steady. If you look at the situation 30 years ago and compare the lifestyle and health of young people, the situation is getting worse.

“Postmodernism is the era when society begins to realize that it is inconvenient to be a hero; it is easier to live as an ordinary person; everyone has the right to be  in this way; everyone is right in his own way; a person has the right to choose a gender, homeland. Today’s life, not the future life, is becoming more important; there is a rejection of the bright future.

“The idea of justice is losing importance as a driving force. Brotherhood, justice, tribal relations are not central. There is I. National ideas, guidance, banners that will be followed by everyone are absent. There are different groups with their own interests and views. But the idea of a united nation is over.

“The need for cultural expression through communication on the Internet has risen. In the modern era, work brought people together, but now – the media, the Internet. There is no dominant ideology, dominant religion.”

My Comment: We have used all our egoism and reached its saturation. The new generation has nothing to aspire to; there is food, sex; everything is available, and plenty of spare time. In this environment, there is no need for an elevated IQ.

On the contrary, beginning with our time, the human being will be constantly degrading, especially with the introduction of new technologies and freeing of up to 90% of the world population from required work if we do not involve them with studying the method of integral education and upbringing—the mandatory intellectual development in similarity with nature!

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