Don’t Dig A Pit For Another Person

laitman_202_0At a particular stage of development, humanity finally gets the opportunity to understand his evil egoistic, lowly nature. If we look at it closely, it seems that there is nothing good in us. We perform even the loftiest and most generous deeds with a single goal of exploiting others.

This also happens regarding our beloved children; we do everything only for our own benefit and pleasure. A person is such a great egoist that he acts solely and only in one direction, for himself. He is not capable of performing any other action. The question is, why did nature create us like this?

First of all, it is up to us to be aware of our place in the enormous mechanism of creation. We are found in it like little children who don’t understand what they are doing on this Earth, which is very small in relation to the dimensions of the infinite universe. This Earth is like our children’s room where we break everything like naughty children whose parents left them unattended.

And we suddenly remember that outside of this room there is still a big house and as it seems, the parents are the ones who created us. Nature is not a blind and wild environment because it cannot be that this world appeared by itself and by chance. It seems that there are laws in it that we must study and feel, changing somehow.

The time has come for us to stop running wild like little children, fighting among ourselves all the time. Come, let’s at least stop for a moment and cease quarreling like tenants living in the same apartment. Instead we should see things with a broader view, looking around and seeing what is happening. Maybe we will succeed in finding more meaning in our lives than we do now?

After all, we are suffering from the conflicts between us and don’t see anything good in this life. This question occupies humanity more and more and requires thought. Maybe the time has come to abandon the arrogance and hatred that are not beneficial to anyone?

This is a typical feature of our time. If previously someone thought that he could attain everything through force and dominate the entire world like Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Alexander of Macedon, Pharaoh, or Nebuchadnezzar, in our time there are no more great dictators, neither Hitler nor Stalin.

The person of today sees that there is nothing eternal in the world and that everything is over very rapidly. So there is no reason to waste the life that is given to us only once. The person subconsciously reaches conclusions like these and enters into despair.

And yet deep at the bottom of this despair there is a wonderful pearl that can be taken; it is called the month of Elul. This is when we finally begin to understand that everything that is happening is for teaching us something. After such a discovery we already begin with a new development and don’t remain within the mutual conflicts that draw in entire nations. Instead we rise to another level of existence, a sublime level.

The month of Elul is designed for renewed, decisive thinking about our lives. We must feel our present state as intolerable and understand that there cannot be anything else with our egoistic nature. It is up to us to see ourselves in the framework of this enormous and comprehensive nature that is pure and exalted, completely perfect and infinite, and then we will be shocked by our state.

How can it be that a human being with such developed emotion and intelligence that places him above all of creation is found in the lowest, most vile and despicable state of all, harmful to himself and the rest of nature? No other creature is ever so harmful!

All the rest act not according to their intelligence, but obey instincts that are always directed towards the best possible situations. Therefore an animal doesn’t err. The smallest kitten will not fall from a height because it protects itself instinctively, whereas a small child can fall because he doesn’t feel danger.

What results from this is that along with our developed emotion and intelligence we also get freedom of choice and the possibility of using our highest potential to develop correctly or incorrectly. This is the entire problem.

Inanimate nature, plants, and animals do not have the freedom of choice that makes it possible to use emotions and intelligence differently. With them everything is simply directed towards the most self-benefit, here and now. With humans there is nothing like this.

And therefore the human, unlike a cat or dog, can harm himself. Essentially this is what happens. We possess greater intelligence than the rest of the creatures, and yet we use it to our detriment and cannot even understand this. It seems that we want to utilize this intelligence for our own good and the detriment of others. Yet ultimately it follows that we are digging a pit for ourselves.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/14/14

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