A Happy Union With Nature’s Holiday

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe inner changes required for a person to connect with others to a complete adherence with connection, unity, and mutual sharing that balances us with nature is not a simple process. The stages of changes of this type are connected to a cycle that ultimately closes at a beginning point.

It is up to us to pass through this entire cycle, to correct ourselves, and transform into a useful part of nature, not a cancerous tumor within it that devours everything around it and destroys the globe. A person must be a source of health and comfort for all the good and balance in nature.

Every year these states return as in a spiral and repeat themselves on higher levels. Essentially, a year is the number of stages through which we must pass in our connection and in order to reach the goal.

This cycle of stages of correction was discovered by Abraham in ancient times. He taught his students who became the source of the creation of the Jewish people. So this is expressed in the annual cycle of the Jewish holidays.

We must understand that the Jewish holidays are not the tradition of a particular nation or of one people. Rather they are symbols of unique spiritual states in which we attain mutual bestowal, love between us on higher levels, and a greater depth of integration in this connection in heart and mind.

This is not a celebration of particular historical events that were experienced by some isolated people and not relevant to the general program of nature. These holidays reflect spiritual states of the people as a community. They are already latent in nature as particular levels of our equivalence with nature as we advance towards states of balance and harmony.

If we identify ourselves as a people and connect among us to one degree or another by attaining a particular level of unity that is latent in nature, then we specifically celebrate this event. When we rise a little further to the next level of connection with nature and equivalence of form with it, we again celebrate this attainment.

A person doesn’t establish the holidays for himself according to his decision; rather, he celebrates the attainment of similarity and adherence that already exists in nature. So these holidays cannot be changed.

In our state today we are completely opposite to integral nature. All of the parts of nature are linked one hundred percent in a unified system. Only the human species is found in total destruction and opposite the natural unity.

However, if humanity, or at least part of it, will begin to transform itself into becoming similar to nature, will approach its form of unity and totality, then we will reach a particular degree of connection. First of all, it is up to us to recognize that we hate each other. This is the nature with which we are born.

This is called “recognition of evil,” the awareness that our opposite nature doesn’t allow us to reach harmony and balance with it. For this we require internal scrutiny, and we must pray to Lehitpalel (incriminate –Lehaplil) ourselves. Such confession prior to Rosh Hashanah is called the “month of Elul.

At this time, we scrutinize our true state in relation to that good and wonderful state of connection we must reach. This means that we discover what is said to be the corrected state, we compare it with our present state, we see the immense gap between them, and so we pray to Mitpalelim (judge ourselves).

We understand what criminals we are and what we must do with ourselves, so we begin to organize the work to begin to advance towards connection. The power that is found in nature and connects all of its parts we proclaim as the ruling power that controls us! This power holds the entire system together and becomes our goal. We yearn to resemble it. This is called Rosh Hashanah, the beginning (Rosh) of our changes (Shinuim) and the new cycle at the end of which we want to be like the general power that permeates nature.
From the program “A New Life” 9/14/14

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