The Nation Of Cohens

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “the nation of Cohens (priests)?”

Answer: Imagine those who went through spiritual ascents starting with Abraham, Aaron, and Moses, and then broke and fell into this world. Now, they should become the nation of priests, that is, intersperse among all the nations of the world.

In fact, we don’t know where part of our ten tribes are since they disappeared among the other nations. Now, they are subconsciously ready to resume spiritual work.

As soon as we start our work of establishing correct interaction, balance, similarity, and integration of the will to receive with the desire to bestow, including opposite properties that obviously exist in the people of Israel, we will immediately see an upsurge of the Cohens in the world (our ten tribes) and the start of their spiritual mission. It’s as if a huge magnet will agitate the periphery. It will pull and elevate other nations.

Question: How can one determine that one comes from the nation of Cohens?

Answer: One can do so in accordance with one’s internal aspirations. Someone’s nationality doesn’t matter, nor does one’s origin or parameters. Suddenly, it will become apparent that one comes from the lost tribe. It is an aftermath of the shattering of the spiritual structure.

There are certain parts of the general soul who know exactly where they come from. Those are the Jews. However, there are parts that are unaware of why they are dominated by an inner rejection of  Jews. And yet, they are connected with the Jews very tightly and this explains their negativity. In any anti-Semitism there is always a bit of a Jew.

Question: It is said that Aaron constantly exerted to strengthen peace in the world and that’s why the Creator ordained him to be the high priest, so that he would bring peace to the upper congregation. What does the upper congregation mean?

Answer: The upper congregation are those souls that have already attained the state of merging with the Creator and serve as conduits between Him and those whom they are supposed to teach, unite, stimulate, and assist. They are great spiritual teachers who represent an interaction unit between us and the upper force of universe.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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