Forefather Of All Cohens In The World

Laitman_167“Aaron is the forefather of all Cohens in the world” because the Creator chose him to establish peace in the world and because Aaron built it to this.

Each day of his life, Aaron exerted to multiply peace in the world. The Creator ordained him to lead consecrations so he brings peace to the upper congregation. By ministering consecrations, Aaron instigated mating (Zivug) between the Creator and His Shechina; thus, bringing peace to all worlds.” [“Let There Be Light,” the book “VaYikra,” (Emor)]

Aaron is the highest step in human actions, which connects the Light with the matter of creation. It is the root, the basis, the reason, the final goal of creation.

It is not about a human being. We do not deal with notions such as “protein entities” or “discrete desires.” “Aaron” is a structure that gradually establishes the closest possible connection between the properties of bestowal and receiving.

Bestowal is a quality of the Creator, whereas the will to receive is the property of creation. So, both properties are always involved in some kind of relationship with each other since one cannot be manifested without the other and can be seen only on the background of its opposite.

Thus, Aaron personifies the system that balances both forces and completely connects them. The result is something in common so that the property of bestowal and the quality of receiving can no longer be distinguished because they complement each other. Attainment of this level is the goal of creation.

Question: How can black merge with white to the extent that it is impossible to distinguish between them?

Answer: When black acquires the properties of white or vice versa, they can reciprocally connect and complement each other.

Aaron’s work is to connect the opposite properties. It is said that he was the forefather of all Cohens (priests) in the world because he didn’t personify one single action associated with one concrete state; rather, Aaron exemplifies constant, meticulous work in all types of enormous matter that consist of two forces (bestowal and receiving), in each “knot” where both forces are correctly connected.

It is said in the Torah that the Creator chose Aaron to establish peace in the world. “Peace in the world” is a state inside a huge, complete desire. In this context, “peace” has at least two meanings:

  • Connection of everybody and everything
  • Correct interaction among opposite properties

The world is an association of absolutely different properties. “Coming to peace,” means entering into a benevolent unity with the upper. This is the purpose all Cohens work for.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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