Ten Miracles For The Nation Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanMidrash Sefer, “Beshalach:” When the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea the Creator performed ten different miracles for them.

  1. 1. The decline of the water to the sides.

The first miracle is the decline of the water to the sides when the obstacles the Israeli nation faced on its way to attaining spirituality are divided into the left and right lines.

Crossing between the water that withdrew to the sides means walking along the middle line, which doesn’t really exist, since it is a person who stabilizes it by himself through the proper combination between the right and left lines.

What is more, the right and the left lines don’t exist either. There is only a big chunk of desires before you and you have to divide them by yourself, by your own attributes. I can work with this for the Creator’s sake (the right line), but I cannot work with the other attributes (the left line). And you pass in between by using both lines. This action is called the decline of the water to the sides.

2. A sheltering cover that resembles a roof was created above the Jews’ heads.

A roof symbolizes the Surrounding Light.

3. The water was divided into twelve separate passages (a passage for every tribe).

Each property of a person sees the passage between the right and the left lines differently and in a totally different perspective through its ego, according to its own powers. This refers to a person’s internal attributes that now enter the spiritual world and are born into it.

4. The ground beneath the feet of the children of Israel was completely dry.

Passing on dry land means distinguishing between the attribute of receiving and the attribute of bestowal.

5. The ground beneath the feet of the Egyptians resembled mortar. This was the revenge, an eye for an eye, directed towards the Egyptians who enslaved the Jews and forced them to produce mortar.

The Egyptians cannot distinguish between land and the upper water, the attribute of receiving and the attribute of bestowal, and therefore sink and get stuck in the mud.

6. The water becomes solid, like rocks, and injures the Egyptians that chase after the children of Israel.

It refers to the forces of Gevurot (the attributes of Dinim). Therefore the water that should be soft and a source of life becomes the opposite, a rigid force with regard to the Egyptians (the separate egoistic attributes).

7. The water that became solid formed a wall that was decorated by a mosaic.

All the unsolved egoistic attributes within a person, that are subconscious and are uncorrected, are connected to the altruistic attributes but which as yet are clarified nor classified. They are a type of knots of strings below their feet, setting sharp obstacles over which he cannot cross. This whole mosaic is inside a person.

8. The walls that were created by the water that turned into solid were transparent, which enabled each tribe to see the other tribes advance (which gave them a feeling of trust and confidence).

“The walls that were created by that water that turned into solid were transparent,” means that all the attributes can see one another, since they advance together.

Thanks to their connection, the different attributes are considered one whole. This means that they are connected and at the same time they are also separated.

Every tribe has its own role, and therefore, despite the common movement, they advance on their own. But one way or the other, the movement causes everything in the system to disappear and become one whole that is made of all the twelve tribes.

Thus the movement is common, but each tribe has its own way. It isn’t by chance that it was forbidden to intermarry between the tribes, since by that, one breaks the prohibition and the attributes. Each one can be corrected by itself.

It is only after the destruction of the Temple that the intermarriage between tribes was allowed, since there was the fall from the spiritual level.

9. If a Jew felt thirst while crossing the Red Sea, it was enough for him to stretch out his arm and the wall would melt that would provide him with wonderful drinking water.

Everyone could grow infinitely strong by the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). All he had to do was to stretch out his hand. A hand is a desire to receive and everything depends on the intention with which a person fulfills this desire.

A lack of the attribute of Hassadim, which he wants to add to himself, is felt by a person as thirst, “I want a greater attribute of bestowal. I need it like life now, like water.”

What is more, it isn’t about salt water, since we take out all the Gevurot from them, all the evil inclinations. If you advance with the right intention, the salt water becomes pure water and there are no additions left within it.

10.  The moment the Jew quenches his thirst, the wall becomes solid again.

By his prayer, a person seemingly melts the wall of the frozen water, since without that, it would go back to becoming the upper attribute, the upper force.

It is interesting to compare the ten miracles to the ten plagues of Egypt, since both symbolize the same action, but on different levels. Everything depends on the desire for which it is intended: an unprepared desire, without a Masach (screen), without a yearning to advance in the direction of bestowal, which typifies Pharaoh and the Egyptians, or the opposite, the desire in order to bestow. The same action from Above invokes different outcomes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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