Peace Between Husband And Wife

Laitman_632_1The Torah “Numbers” 5:18 – 5:19, 5:23 – 5:24: Then the Cohen shall stand the woman up before the Lord and expose the [hair on the] head of the woman; he shall place into her hands the remembrance meal offering, which is a meal offering of jealousies, while the bitter curse bearing waters are in the Cohen’s hand. The Cohen shall then place her under oath, and say to the woman, “if no man has lain with you and you have not gone astray to become defiled [to another] in place of your husband, then [you will] be absolved through these bitter waters which cause the curse. Then the Cohen shall write these curses on a scroll and erase it in the bitter water. He shall then give the bitter, curse bearing waters to the woman to drink, and the curse bearing waters shall enter her to become bitter.

If a woman (the creation) is a part of the correct desire, she rises and her relationship with her husband (the Creator) strengthens. However, if her desire is selfish then “letters will immediately appear on a scroll” as a result of the shattering. In this case, the Partzuf must be corrected all over again.

Question: Can you explain the work that the Cohen (priest) performs on Nukva? What does “expose [the hair on the head] of a woman” and “place into her hands the remembrance meal offering” mean?

Answer: There are no analogies in this world because in spirituality all actions descend from the upper level.

The highest level (Cohen) works on an inferior state (Malchut). Cohen is GAR de Bina, Keter. This is why the Cohen’s influence on Malchut is so intense. The Cohen is the only one who can reveal the depth of Malchut’s corrected or uncorrected desires. Nobody from the level of “Israel” or “the Levites” is capable of doing so. It can be done solely from Cohen’s level.

In other words, the Light that comes from the highest level of Keter scans Malchut to the very bottom of her intentions.

When a husband and wife (first nine Sefirot) and Malchut ascend, they can rise only through the Cohen who grants them the Light. If this connection is interrupted, it is essential to examine what goes on in Malchut.

Therefore, it is as if Cohen programs the Partzuf’s state. The latter is supposed to form it together with his wife by merging together. And when the Cohen gives the “scroll” to a woman (Malchut), it clarifies if her properties are adequate to the structure that she is about to attain together with her husband, i.e., if she is ready for it or not.

All men with whom she allegedly “cheated” on her husband are selfish desires that distract Malchut.

Comment: The Book of Zohar states that “Cohen’s judgment contradicts his high level of Hesed—the step of Mercy and Grace. It’s not so because the Cohen exerts to increase peace in the world. If a woman is “not guilty” (pure) the Cohen multiplies peace between her and her husband. ”

Answer: In this case, they form the next higher Partzuf, thus revealing additional evil and a stronger connection among them that makes it possible for them to attain the next level.

Therefore, at some stages “adultery” is absolutely necessary because it allows them to make further corrections. Everything in life happens exactly for the sake of our ascent. There is nothing in the Torah that harms people.

Question: Later, it is said in The Zohar: “… she impregnates with a son from the property Zachar (male). Applied to our material world, this phrase means that arguments between a husband and wife trigger even stronger love between them, isn’t it so?

Answer: If they correctly relate to the upper force and if they understand that all they go through is given to them only for the sake of their further convergence and uplifting, then there won’t be any mutual offense; rather, they will reconcile with each other and continue working on their further elevation. Otherwise, everything that happens between them will lead to a divorce.

Remark: It further states: “If she is ‘impure,’ then it is not the Cohen who judges her, but the Holy name to Whom she was unfaithful.”

Answer: The Holy Name (Kadosh) is a quality of bestowal, the level that they aspire to.

Together, they are supposed to reach the next, higher level of the property of bestowal, but her “unfaithfulness” made them degrade (fall) from the high level to the “will to receive.”

If she happens to be “guilty,” the property that she was supposed to attain is the one that tosses her down. At this point, she has to be corrected.

Something was missing in her aspiration to reach a new level. This “something” reveals through her “unfaithfulness.” At the same time, her husband also undergoes changes. He must find the Cohen, bring her to him, and raise his own desires to this level.

Comment: An immediate parallel with this world appears in our minds when we see a husband taking his wife to the court and the legal process starts…

Answer: In spirituality everything happens in one body: the Creator, a husband and wife, all properties and conditions—everything is within a man.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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