What Awaits Us On The Other Side Of The Final Sea?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first revelation of the Creator is the discovery of the pure property of bestowal, the exit from oneself to the “outside.” Undoubtedly, it seems irrational to us: Why would I think about the others?

If I, being an egoist, think about someone else, I feel emptiness and expect compensation. I haven’t yet transcended the egoistic calculation and don’t realize that by rising above my ego, I receive a new calculation that is presently unknown to me.

I can understand that similarity to the Creator is probably beneficial. Drawing closer to Him is such an obvious gain that I’m ready to pay for it. If it requires me to exit myself, I’m ready! They also promise me the entire spiritual world, so I’m willing to work for it.

In other words, for as long as I envision a certain profit, fulfillment for myself, I naturally have the strength and readiness to connect to the environment, unite for this goal. However, the instant we start feeling that the property of bestowal won’t bring any benefit for our egoistic desires, the problem arises.

We should understand that we are about to reveal a new reality, a different dimension that has nothing in common with this world. The gap and the opposition between the two worlds is so immense that we can’t picture it beforehand. We don’t have any example that would allow us to somehow, directly or indirectly, understand, sense, or imagine anything relating to the spiritual life.

A person transitions from one world to the other, which is called “crossing the Final Sea (Yam Suf),” without knowing where he is going or what awaits him there. The Creator and the creature are two absolute opposites. And until a person moves from one to the other, it’s impossible to comprehend what their opposition means.

Hence, to demand certain understanding, attainment, or support from one’s egoistic heart and mind is to shoot oneself in the foot and halt one’s progress. How can you demand something now, if you yourself block the wheel in the carriage that carries you forward.

It’s forbidden to awaken egoistic desires! Meanwhile, we don’t only awaken them, but also embitter them by our screams: “Let me see and feel something! I want to receive some proof so as to rid myself of any doubt!” It’s as though we are making an ultimatum: “If I don’t receive, I won’t move.” We even think that this stubbornness acts to our advantage….
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbaalah Lesson 3/21/11, Preparation to the WE! Convention

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