Great Or Defective?

Laitman_001_01Question: Does being equivalent in form with the Creator make a person great in the eyes of the friends or in the eyes of the Creator? If we have to attain it in our physical body, it is hard for a person to avoid the feeling of superiority since it is our nature.

Answer: No, when we begin to resemble the Creator, to reach an equivalence of form with Him, our desire to be superior to anyone, in the eyes of our friends or in the eyes of humanity, disappears. On the contrary, the attribute of love, bestowal, and modesty appears in us and I would even say humility, because we begin to attain to what degree we are ugly and defective before we resemble the Creator. In other words, we have nothing to be proud of at all. Man is the most corrupt creature in the world. If we look at humanity and at what we do the world we will see that there is nothing t o be proud of.

When we gradually resemble the Creator, a person totally loses the desire to take pride in anything, especially if he begins not only to attain who he is with regard to the Creator, but also to feel that he is the lowliest of all mankind, although in fact he is more sublime than others in his attributes. The point is that humanity doesn’t feel that it is corrupt or that it needs corrections while a Kabbalist feels that. So with regard to all the people in our world, he feels that he is defective.

Question: If acquiring the Creator’s attributes makes one feel defective, why should we yearn for that?

Answer: A person truly advances toward the goal according to his feeling of being defective, but at the same time, he receives sublime attributes since every person who studies a certain science and understands that he doesn’t know something acquires this knowledge by the feeling of not knowing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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