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Europe At War

laitman_430In the News (Gazeta.Ru): “French President Francois Hollande, speaking to the nation after the tragedy in Brussels, said bluntly: “We are at war.”

“ Is it so?

“The war is fundamentally different from just the instability, social and military-political tension, even a conscious escalation of intimidation. The fact is that the enemy attack is imminent. The essence of war – is an exchange of blows. They can not be prevented, only reflect an attack in response. …

“Is Europe ready, united in the European Union? Obviously not. A typical response to large-scale acts of terrorism in any country in Western Europe – are assurances that the criminals will not be able to get the free world to give up its lifestyle and liberal values. The main alarm – is how not to sow discord within their own societies, to not overdo the restrictive measures. …

“Rejection of war as a means of politics – is the basis of European integration. …

“The main thing – is not to specify a particular social group, as stating it necessitates doing something: a recipe or general political or police operation. By and large there is no plan.

“…each new terrorist attack will be accompanied by the same set of measures, which are already accepted: the tightening of migration policies, increased coordination of special services (limited even within the EU), passport control at internal borders, greater responsibility for promoting Jihadism, more closely monitoring the flow of information, etc. The effect of these measures are obviously limited, as they do not call into question (and can not) operating principles – administrative, values, behaviors. …

“The European Union is on the threshold of inevitable change, there is no doubt. What will it be in 10 years, a guess useless. But for Europe as a symbol of peace, stability and predictability, most likely, will be remembered as a wonderful dream.”

My Comment: Be sure they will soon find a scapegoat, a whipping boy, in the shape of the Jews and Israel, as I have already written that it is only natural to blame all the disasters and everything that happens on the Jews.

Only the timely dissemination of the method of general unity will bring the world to peace. Only this method will invoke the upper force that unites us, the Surrounding Light.

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Single People Are Happier

laitman_766_1In the News (Gazeta.Ru): “Love and a happy family life is not so necessary for people for mental balance and peace of mind, scientists have found. The Science Division of Gazeta.Ru tells about the latest research of psychologists and sociologists whose works were presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.

“We all know that people who have a stable relationship and a strong family, have much fewer problems with their psychological state of health than those who lead a lonely life. However, does this rule apply (which, incidentally, is supported by research, and psychologists) to all people? This issue took a group of researchers under the direction of Utica Girma from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

“As a result of the work it became clear that a single life makes some people happier than a family.

“As the authors of the study say, people who are happier without a family, do not necessarily have to be introverts. Most often alone is better for those who seek to avoid conflicts in any of their manifestations: family life and relationship in any way involve a certain number of skirmishes and quarrels. According to psychologists, for those who always seek in any way to move away from conflict, a lonely life – really the best way to maintain mental balance. …

“Those couples who are already parents, the researchers recommend that: in order to avoid quarrels, which often follow directly after the birth of children, to share responsibilities for the care of the baby evenly. The research team led by Daniel Carlson from the State University of Georgia found out how parents should share the burden of child-rearing.

“The authors emphasize that the husband and wife should share the responsibilities of all types: passive (monitoring the baby during its play on the playground), interactive (communication with children), and physical (such as feeding and bathing). If everything is distributed evenly between the parents, their relationship does not fade with time, and their sexual life is still active. …

“The authors emphasize that the husband and wife should share the responsibilities of all types: passive (monitoring the baby during its games on the playground), interactive (communication with children), and physical (such as feeding and bathing). If everything is distributed evenly between the parents, their relationship does not fade with time, and sexual life is still active. …

“It was found that in 69% of the cases the breakup was initiated by women – but this is true only in cases officially registered marriage.

“If it was an ‘unofficial’ relationship break-up, the ‘contribution’ of both partners was approximately the same.
The study’s authors attribute this to the fact that many modern women perceive marriage as a ‘relic of the past,’ which, in their opinion, infringes their rights.”

Answer: The ego is growing and in order to keep a marriage together new, stronger marriage ties are required, if people decide to get married at all. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah the only means for a strong marriage is a sublime goal that the couple share, which is the revelation of the Creator, a perfect eternal existence. This can easily be attained in a good marriage. Any other relationship or agreement will fall apart as we reach the end of correction.

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Italy, The Center Of Immigration

Laitman_419Question: Italy may become the center of immigration this summer as 600,000 people may reach it. In Kenya, the largest refugee camps in the world are being closed down, and the people there will flow to Italy through Libya.

While Syrians, Iraqi, and Afghans are crossing the border to Greece, Italy will be the refuge for people from Nigeria, Zambia, Somalia, and Eritrea. There will be a massive immigration flow to Europe that no one can stop.

Answer: I think the only way for the Europeans and the refugees is to listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says about this. It will influence their spirit and help them get closer to each other. This is possible, but only if people have a very strong desire to understand and implement it.

There is no other way! If they remain with the liberal European ego, on the one hand, and with the nationalistic Arabian ego on the other, it will lead the two camps to a clash and then to absorption. This will be the conquest of Europe.

Question: The Europeans basically are saying, “Guys, let’s live in peace and friendship.”

Answer: The Arabs are also saying, “If you convert to Islam, we will live in peace and friendship.”

Question: What do you mean when you speak about a connection that they must build?

Answer: Building a connection means to rise above all of the differences and conflicts and to think of a totally new plan of interaction between people so that they can feel totally interconnected. If they don’t do this, it will still happen, but in a bad way when we are afraid of each other and cannot talk to or look at each other.

On the other hand, if we build a connection, we will do what we can to make things better and thus rise above all of our differences. This is a totally different approach that people don’t understand. Only the wisdom of Kabbalah explains it and actually deals with its implementation.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/15/16

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Who Is The Creator?

laitman_742_03Question: Who is the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is the upper force that holds within it the entire system of creation that manages and nourishes it, just like the life force nourishes our physical body.

Our physical body is comprised of different cells and organs that are connected to each other in a completely mutual manner.  A kind of enlivening force flows through them, which is called life, and if this force disappears the body dies.

The same life force fills all of nature and is called “Boreh” (the Creator). It not only instills life in nature but also directs, creates, remodels, continuously changes creation, and perfects it; in this way it leads it to a particular target, which was predetermined by this same force.

Question: What is creation?

Answer: Creation is the desire to enjoy, which exists in each one of us in inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking forms. This desire is the entire material of creation, and all that animates it is called “Boreh” or the force of creation.”Thus, everything that exists is comprised of only two attributes, the desire to receive and the force that gives life to this desire and maintains a certain level.

Question: Where does this force go when it leaves a person?

Answer: It either increases or decreases. If it decreases, then it falls from the level of speaking or animate to the levels of vegetative, and then the person will die. And after that, the vegetative level dies and then only the inanimate level remains, which gradually turns to dust.

Question: So it follows that the force of the Creator enters matter, ties it together, and enlivens it. Then what determines that it suddenly disappears?

Answer: There are many reasons for this. This is a complete system, but by disappearing from one matter, it creates the other, because energy does not disappear but disintegrates into its constituent parts.

Question: Does this mean that the material cannot exist without the life force?

Answer: The life force is the primary force. It created the matter, gave it life, and transfers to it all the changes until the final state. In order to make the matter “clothe” in the attributes of the Creator, it has to acquire them and become a Kli (vessel) for their reception.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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Teacher And Student—Upper And Lower

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 01:37 – 01:39: The Lord was also angry with me because of you, saying, “Neither will you go there. But Joshua the son of Nun, who stands before you he will go there (the land of Israel); strengthen him, for he will cause Israel to inherit it. [Moreover] your little ones, whom you said will be prey, and your children, who on that day did not know good and evil they will go there and I will give it to them, and they will possess it.”

During the forty years in the desert, a person completely fulfills the qualities he had when he started his spiritual journey, meaning after receiving the Torah until reaching the quality of Bina before entering the land of Israel. Now all these qualities must acquire a totally new form, receiving in order to bestow.

Question: What does it mean for a student to make his way to Mount Sinai, then from Mount Sinai to Bina, and exit to the next level?

Answer: A student performs these actions relative to a teacher by annulling himself more and more before the teacher. He reaches an understanding that everything he considered right before is absolutely wrong. It always happens at the lower degree relative to the upper one.

A student sees a teacher in a new form that he is only now beginning to reveal, which he didn’t understand or feel before. He couldn’t value his teacher. As it is said, “Anyone who denies the upper, denies him because he is lower.”

Question: What does the rebellion of the people against Moses, against the teacher, mean?

Answer: It is natural! They can’t agree with what they are offered. In such a case, the teacher dies.

In our world he dies physically, and in spiritual degrees, he dies spiritually for the student. The moment the student stops using the teacher as the upper, this person dies for him, meaning he stops leading him. And in a physical form, if students don’t require their teacher anymore, he has nothing to do in this world.

Every degree is for the lower ones. And according to this direct connection, the teacher has no reason to stay in the material world if his students don’t require him.

Students can’t be blamed for this because this situation is definite and natural! They receive such guidance from above that it seems to them that they can survive perfectly without a teacher. They already received what they needed, sorted everything out, and now, supposedly, know how to move forward. He even slows them down and distracts them somehow.

The same happens with respect to Moses. The people think he already gave them everything; they don’t see the next degrees and following opportunities in him, and therefore he dies.

Question: Then what does the death of the generation mean for the students?

Answer: If they are rising to the next degree, they need to pass states where all their previous desires, no matter to what extent they were corrected, must now die, meaning to accept upon themselves a new level, called receiving in order to bestow.

I hope that everyone will understand, know, feel, and experience this and that we will enter the land of Israel.

Question: What do students need to do in order to learn from the past? After all, we still learn from it so that the generation won’t die.

Answer: We can’t learn from anything. We are just told this story. However, we will still disregard, and strike against Moses who leads us forward. And this will be repeated again and again in every person.

Question: Did you also rebel against your teacher internally?

Answer: Of course. You can’t move further without it. Therefore he said to me, “I understand that all miseries in your life are because of me.”

The upper really understands it. And then he acts for the sake of lower, either beats him with the pain in the heart, the way we punish little children, or waits till he grows up.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/6/16

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The Creator On Trial

Laitman_182_02Comment: If I could reach your Creator, I would want Him to account for all of history!

Response: Generally, I agree with you. And even the Creator Himself is not against people turning toward Him, even with their accusations. Because otherwise they do not turn!

Everyone in the world complains about his life. Understandably, everyone is right about something or even about everything. After all, it is not the person who places himself in all kinds of situations and unpleasantness; it is his nature, his lack of understanding, his lack of foresight, the unpredictability of the world. So in what way can we come to anyone with complaints?

If we look at his fate, at his behavior, we discover that each one of us is born, lives, and dies not according to his desire. Even our actions are determined according to circumstances and characteristics that are established in us from the start and not according to our desire. So a person is not free in regard to anything.  If so, there is no one to complain to!

But the originator of all that is happening, who created  everything, is ready to hold him. He is also ready for us to arraign Him. Because during the trial of the Creator, with all of our claims and accusations, we learn His attitude toward us, the reason that He made us is so small who are punished by nature. We discover the goal of our creation and our destiny. We will understand why we were born, live and die in suffering.

Ultimately we will begin to understand that all of our claims are toward our Creator, and it is specifically Him that we want to bring to court!

It is precisely the wisdom of Kabbalah that clarifies the problem of the mutual relationship between a person and the Creator. Therefore, it is the most important science in the world because a person has nothing more important than clarifying these relationships. In nature, there is nothing more than this!

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New Life #372 – The Attributes Of The Integral Woman

New Life #372 – The Attributes Of The Integral Woman
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

How can a woman operate ideally in an integral world and bring it to connection? What should she learn and what should she teach her children?


In ancient times women were connected to one another in the tribe or extended family. Today we are reconnecting once again.

We have to find the natural balance between the man’s place and the woman’s place.

In ancient times the woman’s state after giving birth was much better than it is today, she had support. Today we have to develop the feeling of mutual guarantee in society, so a woman will feel that she is not alone at home. We should have meeting places for mothers and babies, and offer them special courses and activities, etc.

A mother wants her baby to grow and to be very successful; today it means to be properly connected. We have to teach her how to make sure that the child develops as a human being and not just physically.

An integral mother works on a qualitative connection with other mothers and together they raise integral children.
From KabTV’s “New Life #372 – An Approach to Life: The Attributes Of The Integral Woman,” 5/15/14

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