Teacher And Student—Upper And Lower

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 01:37 – 01:39: The Lord was also angry with me because of you, saying, “Neither will you go there. But Joshua the son of Nun, who stands before you he will go there (the land of Israel); strengthen him, for he will cause Israel to inherit it. [Moreover] your little ones, whom you said will be prey, and your children, who on that day did not know good and evil they will go there and I will give it to them, and they will possess it.”

During the forty years in the desert, a person completely fulfills the qualities he had when he started his spiritual journey, meaning after receiving the Torah until reaching the quality of Bina before entering the land of Israel. Now all these qualities must acquire a totally new form, receiving in order to bestow.

Question: What does it mean for a student to make his way to Mount Sinai, then from Mount Sinai to Bina, and exit to the next level?

Answer: A student performs these actions relative to a teacher by annulling himself more and more before the teacher. He reaches an understanding that everything he considered right before is absolutely wrong. It always happens at the lower degree relative to the upper one.

A student sees a teacher in a new form that he is only now beginning to reveal, which he didn’t understand or feel before. He couldn’t value his teacher. As it is said, “Anyone who denies the upper, denies him because he is lower.”

Question: What does the rebellion of the people against Moses, against the teacher, mean?

Answer: It is natural! They can’t agree with what they are offered. In such a case, the teacher dies.

In our world he dies physically, and in spiritual degrees, he dies spiritually for the student. The moment the student stops using the teacher as the upper, this person dies for him, meaning he stops leading him. And in a physical form, if students don’t require their teacher anymore, he has nothing to do in this world.

Every degree is for the lower ones. And according to this direct connection, the teacher has no reason to stay in the material world if his students don’t require him.

Students can’t be blamed for this because this situation is definite and natural! They receive such guidance from above that it seems to them that they can survive perfectly without a teacher. They already received what they needed, sorted everything out, and now, supposedly, know how to move forward. He even slows them down and distracts them somehow.

The same happens with respect to Moses. The people think he already gave them everything; they don’t see the next degrees and following opportunities in him, and therefore he dies.

Question: Then what does the death of the generation mean for the students?

Answer: If they are rising to the next degree, they need to pass states where all their previous desires, no matter to what extent they were corrected, must now die, meaning to accept upon themselves a new level, called receiving in order to bestow.

I hope that everyone will understand, know, feel, and experience this and that we will enter the land of Israel.

Question: What do students need to do in order to learn from the past? After all, we still learn from it so that the generation won’t die.

Answer: We can’t learn from anything. We are just told this story. However, we will still disregard, and strike against Moses who leads us forward. And this will be repeated again and again in every person.

Question: Did you also rebel against your teacher internally?

Answer: Of course. You can’t move further without it. Therefore he said to me, “I understand that all miseries in your life are because of me.”

The upper really understands it. And then he acts for the sake of lower, either beats him with the pain in the heart, the way we punish little children, or waits till he grows up.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/6/16

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