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Life Is A Continuous Movement Forward

laitman_760_4Question: Why does a person constantly doubt what he previously believed to be true? Could a time come in which even the smallest revelation will not be rebutted?

Answer: No, otherwise we would have no motivation to move forward. The entire evolutionary process of what we know and of our attributes is based on the law of negation of the negation.

We always deny the past and build the present on top of it, and then deny the present and build the future. Don’t try to freeze yesterday or today because in this way you make everything freeze. We must accept the fact that our life is a continuous movement forward.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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Dispelling Myths About Kabbalah, Part 7

laitman_592_04Is Kabbalah connected to religion?

Question: Is Kabbalah connected to religion?

Answer: In his article, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose,” Baal HaSulam writes that “religion” is the attainment of the Creator, the upper force, which acts in the entire universe. This definition fits only the wisdom of Kabbalah because it is the only method engaged in the revelation of the Creator to the creations.

Kabbalah is the only true religion. All other faiths and “religions,” as it is customary to call them, are really not a religion.

Question: How is the wisdom of Kabbalah connected to these religions?

Answer: There is no connection between religions and Kabbalah. They all originated after Kabbalah was concealed, that is, after the destruction of the Second Temple. Before the destruction of the Temple, the entire nation of Israel existed in spiritual attainment, with a sensation of the upper force. However, later on, they fell from their spiritual level, from the love for others to unfounded hatred. This is called the exit into exile from the attainment of the Creator, the upper force.

Because they were in brotherly love, they attained the upper force, while unfounded hatred concealed the upper force from them. This is why this state is called exile or destruction. In order to continue living in the conditions of concealment, the Kabbalists created a substitute. They replaced the wisdom of Kabbalah with Judaism, which later gave origin to Christianity and after that, to Islam.
From Israeli Radio Program 103 FM, 2/28/16

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Who Needs Kids Today And For What?

laitman_624_03_0In the News ( “The vast majority of animals raise their chicks, puppies, kittens, lambs, etc. to a certain age (height and weight of mature individuals, as a rule), and then immediately loses all family feeling. For a cat, her one-year-old kitten – is just another cat or a cat.

“Only people who have learned to consider the degree of kinship, have invented names for them, and have introduced numerous rules and prohibitions concerning not only marriage, but in general the relationship between people based on their blood relations and, therefore, between the older and younger.

“Now, the foundation of the social structure begins to waver.

“The expansion of children’s rights, giving humanity a great warning against the disgusting abuse of children, at the same time leads to overt unilateral commitments. It turns out that the child has considerably more rights and a parent – has many more responsibilities. …

“Children, at least in the ‘golden billion’ countries, have long ceased to be a guarantee of a secure old age for their parents.

“Some people naturally raise the question: Why do we need children? Why have them? If it takes you almost a quarter of a century to raise them, and then they leave? …

“So why? Who needs children?..

“Very rich and very poor children solve the problem on its own. The very rich do not need care and support in old age, they have great-grandchildren grandchildren who may provide moral support; it is also possible to buy, hire, a loving people… .

“Very poor generally live within the traditional framework of mutual obligations in the family, with greater cohesion and branched multigenerational families – almost communities.

“But the middle-class need children as a source of … love, both spiritual and physical at the same time. The first smile, first steps, first word “mama,” the child beaming adoringly, the first class, the first notebook – for it one can give everything!

“But parents pay dearly for the few years of enjoyment of parental love, unconditional love. financially, with time, and, most importantly, emotionally with the subsequent disappointment, resentment, loneliness. …

“It is possible that in the course of all the cultural fractures another quite interesting cultural shift will occur. Parents will perceive their grown children about the same as a cat does – as grown kittens.”

Answer: In the future a person’s attention will be focused on attaining the upper state where relations are not determined by earthly connections but by the connections between individual souls and the one general soul.

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Going To “Correct Communism”

laitman_435Question: Over the generations, a great number of Jews lived in Russian territories. What are the similarities and differences between Russia and Israel?

Answer: First of all, a very large number of immigrants from Russia live in Israel, about one million people. I think more will come and the number will rise to more than a million since there are still many Jews living in Russia, even though they might not admit it.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe once said that it is officially reported that there are three million Jews in Russia, but in actuality there are about 20 million. It’s the same in America, and that’s without counting the ten tribes whose locations are not known. For the time being all of that is concealed, but it will be revealed when needed.

I believe that the relations between Russia and Israel should be promoted to ensure that we show them the proper communism.  Correct communism is not the communism that they tried unsuccessfully to build in the USSR, but is when the right society is built, a commune. The tendency for this kind of society, and streams of socialistic orientation are beginning to emerge in Western countries and America. The world is approaching a situation where automated production is gaining force and pulling unemployment behind it.

The economy based on money will gradually disappear and society will be left with a great problem, thus unity of society is the first challenge the world is already beginning to wake up to today. The problem is that no one knows how to proceed toward this since the correct and united society can only be formed with the help of integral education, which comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah.

So I think that in Russia there is a special predisposition for such relations since, despite the huge problems that appeared during the Soviet era, people nevertheless had a positive feeling and a certain affinity for this state. The Russian nation will continue with socialistic elements, exactly like those foundations that the Jews of Israel are attracted to.

The creation of the correct future society will be the salvation, not only Israel, but also Russia since otherwise it won’t come out of its current crisis. The entire world can escape the crisis only through the building of a new society, not through using technological aids.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Independence Day” 4/30/15

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Man And Woman – Such Different Worlds, Part 3

laitman_246Question: There are two qualities: male and female that connect with each other. Do you add some third upper factor to this?

Answer: This factor is the most important one. Man and woman connect specially for it, in order to merge with it and reach its degree. We exist in this world for this purpose; we perform different corrections and connect with each other.

The third factor is the upper force that is called the Creator or love. The feeling of love is reached through mutual completion, when each feels oneself fully devoted to a partner. If we exist only for the sake of completing the other, then we attain the force of love.

Question: Is this the same force that we are looking for all our life?

Answer: We dream about the force of love, but we are mistaken if we hope to find it between our bodies and not between our souls.

Question: Isn’t it good that the man and woman receive pleasure from meeting with each other?

Answer: Sexual pleasure is one of the basic corporeal pleasures, next in importance after food, without which it is impossible to exist. Once a person secures the necessary existence, he thinks only about sex.

Question: What distinguishes pleasure from the force of real love that includes the third upper factor?

Answer: Pleasure from real love is called heaven. We are so devoted to each other that I only look for ways to complete the other, in order to reveal the force of love between us that is called Creator.

And today we demand love from each other egoistically, which is completely opposite to love. We need to rise above our egoism, and then instead of demanding love from another, we will be showing it, meaning we will love not in reception, but in bestowal.

Adam – Man” means similar to the upper force, to the Creator, by being in perfection. And he can achieve perfection only through connection with a woman. When they both annul one before the other, each one annulling egoism, then they connect in mutual bestowal.

This can be expressed in all kinds of corporeal actions, but here one intends to give to the other in order to reveal the Creator between them. It is said, “A man and a woman and Shechina between them.” Only in such a form can we reach perfection, and this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us.

Question: Normal man dreams to posses all the women he sees around him. And doesn’t the spiritual man want this as well?

Answer: He wants the same, but not in a corporeal form. He wants to take all the female force that exists in the universe and all the male force and complete one with the other.

And so all men and women work only in order to complement each other, and in this mutual completion and connection, in the center of humanity, reveal the spiritual world, the spiritual force, and the upper force of the Creator.

The Creator created us in this form and we return to it. And then we attain love in the point of connection between us and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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New Life #371 – An Approach to Life: The Feminine In A Connected World, Part 2

New Life #371 – An Approach to Life: The Feminine In A Connected World, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

What is there in a married woman that is not in one who is single? Why are more and more women entering the labor market today? When will we reach a stage in which women will be capable of making their peace with men?


By giving birth, a woman creates life, she is also reborn, acquiring additional emotion and intelligence.

A man can see what is ahead; a woman develops and gives birth to them.

A woman who becomes a mother understands life and the world better than a woman who doesn’t go through this.

In serious fateful decisions, it is worthwhile to rely on women with a family more than on those who are single. Certainly today in the business market there are other examples, but we are talking about a new, balanced life.

Today the world is working against mutual connection; the world of tomorrow will work in the direction of reciprocity.

Who would be a better prime minister, someone with a family or someone who is single? It would be someone with a family. Women are less corruptible than men, for a man sees money and corruption as a game; after all, he is a child….

Perfected development will only be through the right integration of feminine power and masculine power.
From KabTV’s “New Life #371 – An Approach to Life: The Feminine In A Connected World, Part 2,” 5/15/14

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