The Principal Transition

laitman_281_02Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 1:09 – 1:10; 1:12 – 1:15: And I said to you at that time, “I cannot carry you alone. The Lord, your God, has multiplied you, and behold, you are today as the stars of the heavens in abundance. How can I bear your trouble, your burden, and your strife all by myself? Prepare for yourselves wise and understanding men, known among your tribes, and I will make them heads over you.” And you answered me and said, “The thing you have spoken is good for us to do.” So I took the heads of your tribes, men wise and well known, and I made them heads over you, leaders over thousands, leaders over hundreds, leaders over fifties, and leaders over tens, and officers, over your tribes.

All desires are divided in a pyramid into numerous tens because this is the structure of the ladder of spiritual ascent. It is impossible to correct them otherwise. The pyramid collects all the tiny private desires in it that gradually rise to the highest degree and become included in it. By merging into one single desire, they come into contact with the Creator.

Question: Why does Moses say, “I cannot carry you alone. How can I bear your troubles all by myself?”

Answer: Because this is the quality of Bina. It has completed working in all desires and now the next force begins to work in them. The force of Moses, the force of Bina or faith, has exhausted itself and the next stage begins. Hence it is allegorically said in the Torah that he dies.

The Torah is not talking about people or Moses, but about a person’s internal forces of correction when he unites with others according to the principle “love your neighbor as yourself” and reaches the level of the “land of Israel,” meaning he is ready to unite with others. His entrance to the land of Israel signifies the beginning of unity.

At the same time, all previous spiritual degrees don’t disappear because they need to connect to the degree that is now rising dramatically to the next level. All various previous corrections accumulate, like in a meter that spins constantly till it reaches a predetermined limit, and then readings are reset and everything starts anew.

It is the same here, all previous corrections accumulate, then comes the next correction, but this time it is different, not in order to bestow, but in order to receive. The complete calculation of preliminary correction of the soul ends and it begins to work on the different level called the land of Israel.

Question: The Torah frequently repeats and recalls seemingly the same things. What do these recollections give us?

Answer: Each degree that exhausts itself has to return, meaning to “remember itself,” manifest itself again, make a general correction and move to the next degree. This is what is happening now. And this already happened several times in the past. But this time this transition is essential, when the entire paradigm of correction changes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/30/15

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“10% Of The World’s Population Suffers From Depression”

laitman_532In the News ( “On April 12th, the World Health Organization released a report on the number of people in the world suffering from depression. According to the report, one in ten is depressed one way or another. …

“Even today in the United States, depression is the second ‘most common’ reason given for hospitalization, in Sweden – the first.

“It is projected that by 2020 depression will be the number one killer. WHO notes that today 45 to 60% of all suicides in the world make depressed patients.”

My Comment: We are a desire for pleasure. Moreover, this desire, egoism, is constantly growing within us. It compels us to advance and pressures us through dissatisfaction. In our time it is becoming more and more difficult to find enjoyment. So depression and dissatisfaction continue to grow.

In the future, pleasure will disappear and we will be unable to fulfill ourselves with anything. Then there will be the recognition that we need to change our nature: enjoyment through bestowal rather than reception. The wisdom of Kabbalah is designed for this.

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Orders Of Jewish Officers Reveal The Secrets Of The Bible

laitman_926_01In the News (from “Pottery shards found in a small Israeli fortress reveal an answer to one of the most important issues of Biblical studies—whether basic texts of the Old Testament were written before the Babylonian exile or after it. Inscriptions on potshards attesting to the literacy of the Jews speak in favor of the first version. This was reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. …

“However, Israeli archaeologists have studied the inscription (in Hebrew) on the clayshards from the fortress of Arad (southern Judah), dating from about 600 BC – and found a high level of literacy among the Jews of that era.

“It turned out that the text on 16 potsherds belong to a minimum of six authors, who did not need the help of scribes. Among the records were instructions to the deputy quartermaster of the fortress about the issue of provisions for a detachment of Greek mercenaries. The literacy of junior officers far from Jewish centers of culture indicates that Jews could read the sacred texts long before the Babylonian exile.”

My Comment: From the days of Abraham, comprehensive learning and education were practiced in his group, as well as reading of books written by him. The books from more ancient Kabbalists, from Adam to Abraham, as Rambam wrote, just didn’t reach us. But it indicates that in the period of the First Temple there was no uneducated child who did not know how to read and write and did not know all the sacred texts by heart.

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New Life 722 – The Children Of Israel In The Desert

New Life 722 – The Children Of Israel In The Desert
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Hare

The “desert” is a state in which a person feels that he cannot use his former egoism, that has no nourishment. In the physical world, a person has a livelihood, a family, work; everything is okay, but inside he feels that his life is “dry” like a desert. The feeling of dryness brings a person to ask about the purpose of the whole “story.”

Nature is very wise; it creates every detail with a wonderful understanding. But the purpose for which everything exists is hidden.

In the desert, a person lives from a connection with the desire to bestow, with Divinity, so the concept of the “children of Israel in the desert” speaks about correction, about rising above the ego, about the level of Hafetz Hesed (delighting in mercy). The “desert” is a state in which we learn to go on without a reward and without egoistic benefits, but with the higher power of love. The “pillar of fire” and the “pillar of cloud” illuminate the way for a person and direct him toward that upper force in states of night and day, darkness and light. In the desert, a person neutralizes the ego, and when he reaches the land of Israel he has already harnessed the ego to bestowal and love.

The “forty years in the desert” symbolize the inner changes through which the children of Israel pass in the desert. Throughout this period they are actually complaining all the time because the desire to receive is first revealed and only after that is the correction revealed. The complaints are basically the elevation of MAN, a request for the correction of the Kelim (vessels). When the Kelim are corrected, this is a “miracle.” A miracle is the discovery of a new phenomenon, an action that happens not in our original natural egoistic way.
From KabTV’s “New Life 722 – The Children Of Israel In The Desert,” 4/26/16

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