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To Achieve Connection With The Creator

laitman_527_03Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 1:20, 1:22 – 1:23: And I said to you, “You have come to the mountain of the Amorites, which the Lord, our God, is giving us.” And all of you approached me and said, “Let us send men ahead of us so that they will search out the land for us and bring us back word by which route we shall go up, and to which cities we shall come.” And the matter pleased me; so I took twelve men from you, one man for each tribe.

Question: Why did Moses like the people’s proposal to send scouts ahead of them?

Answer: You can’t walk with closed eyes in spirituality. And if you decided to do so, you need to know exactly what you close your eyes to.

Let’s say there is an abyss in front of me and I walk, seemingly above it, but I know that it is in front of me! Knowledge is necessary; otherwise, it is not moving forward, it is unknown. Therefore, Moses agrees with the people and sends men to search.

And even if the scouts will tell you terrible things later, despite everything, you go to conquer this land, meaning this state, these desires.

But so far Moses’ actions seem sensible to the people because they are not yet fully corrected and they need to overcome the condition of absolute faith, i.e., to close your eyes.

On the corporeal level, closed eyes are simply ignorance, but on the spiritual level, it is the opposite—great knowledge of what I am going for.

And I go forward because I need to reach connection with the Creator so that His power will be transferred to me! Moreover, I understand that I am going for it so that He will help me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to attract Him, to draw Him to me.

Only in this way will I be able to catch Him, where I will know that on one side there is unavoidable death, the inability to do anything, and on the other side is His direct instructions. I always go by faith above reason.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 12/30/15

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Zionist, Anti-Zionist, Jewish?

Laitman_043Zionist, anti-Zionist, Jewish: they are not the same thing! The Jews were divided into Zionists and anti-Zionists with the appearance of their aspiration for Zion in the 19th century. There was always a desire to be reborn on our land, but the non-religious movement to establish the revival of the Jewish people in its historic homeland was something new.

There are Zionists who criticize Israel because they don’t agree with its policy of “occupation.” Among the ultra-Orthodox community, Neturei Karta has come out against Zionism and the Jewish State because they believe that Israel can be established only with the coming of the Messiah.

I believe that the ultra-Orthodox are absolutely right. It is indeed only with the coming of the Messiah (a force of attraction that draws the people out of exile through attitudes of connection and love, out of the egoistic state) will the true Israel be established. They don’t take into account that the coming of the Messiah (redemption from the ego, from mutual hatred) depends on our efforts to unite through a comprehensive method of public education and consolidation into a complete whole. That is how we leave the exile via the short way, through Achishena – will hasten it (Isaiah 60:22).

But if we wait for the Messiah passively, it will happen by way of Beito – in its time (Isaiah 60:22). This means through terrible suffering (wars, Holocausts), labor pains, so to speak, until the Jews become unified as a people and then into a proper nation. This is similar to what Abraham did 3,500 years ago when he united part of the Babylonians into a group that called itself Israel, “aimed directly toward what is higher,” toward union and love.

Subconsciously, the nations of the world are expecting this unity specifically from us. Until the realization of this state, they will blame us for all of their troubles and suffering because the origin of all suffering can be summed up as a lack of the unifying power and love in our world that can only appear through the unification of the Jewish people.

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The People Of The Book Are Losing The Book

laitman_209In the News ( Summary: According to Professor Yaira Amit, faculty member of Bible Studies at Tel Aviv University, non-religious Jews in Israel don’t know and don’t understand the Bible and its significance as the book Jewish culture is based on and its role in preserving the national Jewish identity. Most Israeli student don’t know the content and the major stories of the Bible and can hardly read the names of its heroes or quote the world famous words of the Jewish prophets. The reason for their ignorance and their indifference regarding the Bible is that it has been systematically pushed out of the national educational system. Non-religious schools have cut the hours for Bible studies to two hours a week.

Answer: Most students feel that Bible studies are not interesting, irrelevant, have nothing to do with us, and are related to religion which they regard as hateful.

I suggest learning more of the inner meaning of the Bible because it is about the structure of our world, its correction, the revelation of the upper world, and the goal and meaning of life. According to this method, the youth will not study dry history but information that is relevant to the whole world.

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“NASA: Space Debris Has Reached A Critical Mass”

laitman_746_02In the News ( “Scientists are seriously concerned about the amount of space debris in Earth’s orbit.They are convinced that it will soon prevent further space exploration. But the greatest danger is the speed with which the debris moves – about 8 km / s. …
“According to the experts, according to the latest computer-aided study of near-Earth space, about 750 million artificial objects, of which more than 17,000 units are man-made are orbiting the Earth. This includes about 1,300 operating spacecraft, and all the rest are space debris.”

My Comment: The ego forces us to discount anything that it believes is not “its” possession. We can continue to be subject to it and obey it, or we can change it with the help of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light – the Light that shines outside of us as long as we are not in a corrected state).

Humanity can condemn, scold and blame itself for what it does, in the manner of “stealing and blushing,” but that won’t change anything. Ahead for us is either suffering or awareness of its cause, which is the ego, and healing from it by taking the “medicine,” Ohr Makif.

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Entering Into The Feelings Of A Kabbalist

laitman_209Question: There are people who read a text by moving their eyes over the page and moving on to the next page. They do not grasp the details of the text, but can talk precisely about the essence and the main idea of the text. Is reading like this similar to the method of penetrating into the essence of the Kabbalistic sources?

Answer: No, in the wisdom of Kabbalah we don’t use this. You are talking about a special method that can be found on the Internet in which one can learn how to read across the page. But in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the idea is not about knowing how to talk about the text. On the contrary, one must read it slowly, returning again and again to the beginning and the middle of the sentence, going “back and forth,” trying to connect with the person who wrote the text, feel what he wrote, enter into his feelings, and flow through the text with him. Speed doesn’t give anything here. So if I don’t read every sentence again and again, at least twice, and don’t return afterward to the beginning of the section, I don’t feel it.

Question: You have already read these texts personally at least 150-200 times, if not more. Does a constant renewal occur in you with this? Do you feel that you are new each time?

Answer: Certainly! Before the lesson I am engaged with reading the text, after the lesson I will need to go over it to advance further, and I will even see it in a completely different way.

Question: Do you enjoy working with the texts?

Answer: There is nothing more enjoyable in life than the feeling that enters you; the logic that is absorbed through the inner meaning of every sentence reveals a feeling of closeness to the Creator, a picture of the world and its structure!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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New Life 721 – From Abraham To The Generation Of The Desert

New Life 721 – From Abraham To The Generation Of The Desert
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Who are the children of Israel who gathered around Abraham in Babylon? What do the hunger and the exile they felt in Egypt symbolize, and what can we learn about our life today from their story?

The same people who wanted to discover the meaning of life in ancient Babylon gathered around Abraham with the intention of revealing the upper force, the force of love and bestowal that manages our life by adapting us to it. There was a great crisis in Babylon, egoism erupted and separated people, and Abraham taught them how to connect. He took this group of people with him from Babylon to the Land of Canaan.

The successors of Abraham’s path are Isaac and Jacob. Egoism continued to grow from day to day and the same people made efforts to overcome it, but were not successful. This created a sense of enslavement and it brought about the awakening of the point of Moses in them, the point of connection that stands against the ego, against Pharaoh, and brings about the ten plagues of Egypt.

The miracle of the exodus from Egypt takes place when the children of Israel escape from the ego. When they reach the gathering at Mt. Sinai they hear that they have to feel love between them and they are ready to do so but cannot, and so they go out to the desert. The 40 years in the desert symbolize the effort they made to at least not harm others if they cannot reach love. The ego is revealed like a snake at any given moment and their effort is to rise above it, not to harm others and to maintain friendship between them.

The children of Israel receive the manna from Heaven in the dry desert. It is the force that helps them maintain good relations between them. In Babylon the ego was relatively small, but in Egypt it erupted in a terrible way. In this respect our situation is worse today. There is hatred between us; we are inconsiderate on the roads, in the media, in the Knesset, everywhere. If we wish to change that, we must first recognize the cause for this bad situation ,which is our egoism, and then we have to learn how to correct it.
From KabTV’s “New Life 721 – From Abraham To The Generation Of The Desert,” 4/26/16

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