Zionist, Anti-Zionist, Jewish?

Laitman_043Zionist, anti-Zionist, Jewish: they are not the same thing! The Jews were divided into Zionists and anti-Zionists with the appearance of their aspiration for Zion in the 19th century. There was always a desire to be reborn on our land, but the non-religious movement to establish the revival of the Jewish people in its historic homeland was something new.

There are Zionists who criticize Israel because they don’t agree with its policy of “occupation.” Among the ultra-Orthodox community, Neturei Karta has come out against Zionism and the Jewish State because they believe that Israel can be established only with the coming of the Messiah.

I believe that the ultra-Orthodox are absolutely right. It is indeed only with the coming of the Messiah (a force of attraction that draws the people out of exile through attitudes of connection and love, out of the egoistic state) will the true Israel be established. They don’t take into account that the coming of the Messiah (redemption from the ego, from mutual hatred) depends on our efforts to unite through a comprehensive method of public education and consolidation into a complete whole. That is how we leave the exile via the short way, through Achishena – will hasten it (Isaiah 60:22).

But if we wait for the Messiah passively, it will happen by way of Beito – in its time (Isaiah 60:22). This means through terrible suffering (wars, Holocausts), labor pains, so to speak, until the Jews become unified as a people and then into a proper nation. This is similar to what Abraham did 3,500 years ago when he united part of the Babylonians into a group that called itself Israel, “aimed directly toward what is higher,” toward union and love.

Subconsciously, the nations of the world are expecting this unity specifically from us. Until the realization of this state, they will blame us for all of their troubles and suffering because the origin of all suffering can be summed up as a lack of the unifying power and love in our world that can only appear through the unification of the Jewish people.

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