The People Of The Book Are Losing The Book

laitman_209In the News ( Summary: According to Professor Yaira Amit, faculty member of Bible Studies at Tel Aviv University, non-religious Jews in Israel don’t know and don’t understand the Bible and its significance as the book Jewish culture is based on and its role in preserving the national Jewish identity. Most Israeli student don’t know the content and the major stories of the Bible and can hardly read the names of its heroes or quote the world famous words of the Jewish prophets. The reason for their ignorance and their indifference regarding the Bible is that it has been systematically pushed out of the national educational system. Non-religious schools have cut the hours for Bible studies to two hours a week.

Answer: Most students feel that Bible studies are not interesting, irrelevant, have nothing to do with us, and are related to religion which they regard as hateful.

I suggest learning more of the inner meaning of the Bible because it is about the structure of our world, its correction, the revelation of the upper world, and the goal and meaning of life. According to this method, the youth will not study dry history but information that is relevant to the whole world.

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  1. Dear Doctor Leightman,
    When the Will to Recieive is fulfilled, delight is felt, when the Will to Bestow is fulfilled Joy is felt. Is this correct?

  2. True…good luck! P.S. It is also a much more interesting, relevant, and inspiring story….

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