“NASA: Space Debris Has Reached A Critical Mass”

laitman_746_02In the News (naked-science.ru): “Scientists are seriously concerned about the amount of space debris in Earth’s orbit.They are convinced that it will soon prevent further space exploration. But the greatest danger is the speed with which the debris moves – about 8 km / s. …
“According to the experts, according to the latest computer-aided study of near-Earth space, about 750 million artificial objects, of which more than 17,000 units are man-made are orbiting the Earth. This includes about 1,300 operating spacecraft, and all the rest are space debris.”

My Comment: The ego forces us to discount anything that it believes is not “its” possession. We can continue to be subject to it and obey it, or we can change it with the help of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light – the Light that shines outside of us as long as we are not in a corrected state).

Humanity can condemn, scold and blame itself for what it does, in the manner of “stealing and blushing,” but that won’t change anything. Ahead for us is either suffering or awareness of its cause, which is the ego, and healing from it by taking the “medicine,” Ohr Makif.

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