Entering Into The Feelings Of A Kabbalist

laitman_209Question: There are people who read a text by moving their eyes over the page and moving on to the next page. They do not grasp the details of the text, but can talk precisely about the essence and the main idea of the text. Is reading like this similar to the method of penetrating into the essence of the Kabbalistic sources?

Answer: No, in the wisdom of Kabbalah we don’t use this. You are talking about a special method that can be found on the Internet in which one can learn how to read across the page. But in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the idea is not about knowing how to talk about the text. On the contrary, one must read it slowly, returning again and again to the beginning and the middle of the sentence, going “back and forth,” trying to connect with the person who wrote the text, feel what he wrote, enter into his feelings, and flow through the text with him. Speed doesn’t give anything here. So if I don’t read every sentence again and again, at least twice, and don’t return afterward to the beginning of the section, I don’t feel it.

Question: You have already read these texts personally at least 150-200 times, if not more. Does a constant renewal occur in you with this? Do you feel that you are new each time?

Answer: Certainly! Before the lesson I am engaged with reading the text, after the lesson I will need to go over it to advance further, and I will even see it in a completely different way.

Question: Do you enjoy working with the texts?

Answer: There is nothing more enjoyable in life than the feeling that enters you; the logic that is absorbed through the inner meaning of every sentence reveals a feeling of closeness to the Creator, a picture of the world and its structure!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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