Reading A Kabbalistic Text

laitman_528_01Question: Can the same text or the same book be understood differently when reading it again? If so, what is the reason for that?

Answer: It depends only on the person because two people who read the same book are in totally different states.

The book was written by a Kabbalist who felt the spiritual world and expressed his impressions from his high level in words, sentences, and characters. Therefore, while reading the Kabbalistic text, we must resemble that Kabbalist as much as we can in order to feel, at least to some extent, the state he was in.

At the same time, we do everything that we can to fulfill what is said in the writings with the help of our teacher, according to the advice given to Kabbalah students to get together, read from Kabbalah sources, and then discuss these topics.

We must focus on Kabbalistic sources and yearn to resemble the spiritual vessels as much as we can in our relationships in the complete connection between us when we get together, ten people studying from a source. We should try to attain the spiritual root, which means the height of the person who wrote it.

We must connect and resemble the spiritual state, expecting the same Light to affect us that the Kabbalist discovered and described in his writings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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