The Massive Terrorist Attack In Orlando

QueLaitman_408stion: In Orlando, there was a massive terrorist attack. A young Muslim of Afghan origin shot fifty people in a gay night club, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the US. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Answer: Most people in our society lack a sense of love of others, including of gay people. The only question is how society determines its attitude toward those who are different and whether this attitude is determined by the laws of society according to the level of its tolerance or whether it stems from understanding this phenomenon. On the other hand, there is religious intolerance.

In principle, Islam in this respect has never been too fierce. These phenomena have been part of humanity since the beginning of time, but Islam today has become so militant, narrow-minded, and fanatic that it does not tolerate any deviations, no matter how people may interpret them. This is especially true when there is a desire to conquer, oppress, or exhibit, and elevate one’s ideology. Therefore, we are yet to see many such incidences, and no one can do anything about it.

I went to America recently, a year after my previous visit, and I am amazed each time by the rapid growth of the Muslim population there. They feel at home, that they own the place, and they put pressure on others openly, and not taking anything into account.

In other words, they intentionally behave the way that they do and are not afraid of the police. They feel that the police seemingly will be on their side. And so the Americans behave very cautiously toward them and move quietly aside. Consequently, we are sure to see very rapid changes in every aspect of American society.

Question: What can you say from the perspective of the upper scenario?

Answer: The upper scenario is very simple. Islam must conquer the modern world, especially Europe and America, in order to grow very strong and rise against Israel.

Question: Must they conquer the entire world because of a tiny ball like Israel?!

Answer: They will be suffocated by Israel if they don’t conquer Europe and America, and together with them, fight against Israel. However, according to the upper scenario, they will be suffocated anyway afterward!

The question is whether we can act today so that they will be suffocated now in order to prevent more victims in Europe and in America so that there will not be great wars, violence, and the provocations that they are planning against the people in those continents.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/13/16

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So The Holocaust Will Not Be Repeated

laitman_938_03Question: What should we do so the Holocaust will not be repeated and so all the Jews all over the world will feel secure, not only those in Israel under the protection of the Israeli Defense Forces?

Answer: For the last 40 years I have been writing and saying that we will not feel secure in our country [Israel] unless we begin to fulfill our goal. It is all deeply embedded in nature and there is no point thinking that everything will somehow go away. If we don’t fulfill our goal, things will only get worse. So I don’t see any alternative for a brighter future. The prevention of a second Holocaust or a third nuclear world war is not guaranteed. We should look at the world realistically and not let the world flow aimlessly in an unknown direction.

Comment: Not all the Jews can intensively engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah

Answer: They all must! And not only the Jews but the peoples of the world as well, because it is only by this method that we can ascend to the next level of our existence. Humanity has reached the ceiling of its evolution. And so the general global crisis is a crisis of the egoistic development of all of humanity that has exhausted its ego and cannot develop in it any longer. This is the reason that the ego is taking on such ugly corporeal forms now.

And the next level of development is anti-egoistic and exists in balance, in harmony between plus and minus, between the forces of nature. In our present nature is only the evil force.

We have to learn how to uncover the positive force and use it properly along with the negative force. We should not destroy the ego but add the positive force to it. This is the correction that we have to implement.

At the time of the Temple, people lived according to spiritual laws. They revealed the positive force in the connection between them, the force of mutual cooperation, love, and mutual help, and thus they lived by covering their ego through the connection between them, as it is written, “love will cover all transgressions.”
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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Male And Female Souls

laitman_570Question: Can a female soul be reincarnated as male soul and vice versa? How can you explain the fact that a woman has a masculine character?

Answer: A person’s character says nothing about the attributes of his soul. When person begins to study the wisdom of Kabbalah he receives forces from Above, from the Surrounding Light. After a few years of serious study during which he totally changes from the state of Lo Lishma (not for its sake) to Lishma (for its sake), he undergoes great changes and his character is totally transformed.

As for the reincarnation of a female soul as a male soul and vice versa, this does not exist in the spiritual world. Every soul is made of both a male and a female part. There cannot be one without the other, like a dipole.

If you connect to someone through your male part, you connect to another person through your female part because all the souls are connected in a mutual flow. There is either a dominant male or a female part in each of us, but in general, they are mutually balanced.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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New Life #577 – The Power Of A Kind Word

New Life #577 – The Power Of A Kind Word
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


All of us know that words have power, so you should take a balanced line, a middle line between critical words and kind words.

The compliment exercise: A person who is complimented feels enormous satisfaction, his soul is filled directly. He feels like a baby whose mother lifts him by her hands and so he opens all lines of communication.

When a person makes an effort to flatter someone else, even artificially, it builds a true appreciation for the other. The person who compliments him, even though it is not true and is artificial, is very moved by the compliment.

Today our entire culture is filled with bad words, everyone makes fun of and embarrasses each other. The phenomenon of shaming on the Internet is rising and rising. To change this requires a revolution in perception. We must learn what our world needs to advance toward .

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that we were created with an egoistic and evil nature so that we would develop a good and loving nature within us by ourselves. If we want a good life, we need to open good ties and relationships between us. We have to stop and say: Enough!

In the development of good relationships with others there are three levels: thought, speech, and action. If you don’t think good thoughts about me but you start to say good words about me, your attitude toward me will be changed.

A working exercise for home or anywhere else: select someone and everyone flatters him. He will get better! Even if you hate someone and begin to talk to him nicely or with kindness, your attitude toward him will change. And the other person, as a result your attitude attitude toward him, will truly change for the better.

More than the power of words, there is the power of thought. Good thoughts are the strongest power in the world. Try to think about people positively. What seems to me as bad about them is because of my ego. A thought like this will cause both him and me to improve because all of us are connected in one internal network.
From KabTV’s “New Life #577 – The Power Of A Kind Word,” 5/28/15

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