Fighting Off The Shadow Of The Holocaust, Part 4

laitman_229Make Sure That It Never Happens Again

Question: What does it mean to maintain high human spirits even during such suffering as happened during the Holocaust?

Answer: High human spirits means to be one man, Adam, in total unity. Adam HaRishon is a system that connects together all people in the world so that we feel dependent on each other and connected by mutual guarantee.

Accordingly, we receive education and develop our relationships until we discover that our world is filled with the force of good, not the force of evil.

But this is only on condition that we strive to exist within this force. If we do so, a good future awaits us. However, if we don’t do it, then I am afraid that we will have a period that will be no less difficult than during the past Holocaust. We need to understand that the laws of nature, that don’t make concessions, operate here.

Baal HaSulam writes that Nazism isn’t a German invention, but a natural form of development of the egoistic society. After socialism, comes Nazism. Today, the whole of Europe is socialistic, and America is becoming more and more socialistic. Therefore, with a slight delay after Europe, it will come to Nazism as well. It will happen very quickly.

Humanity is coming to the peak of hatred for each other because Jews who have the method of connection don’t realize it and are not passing it to the world. Because of this, the enitre world is drowning in blatant, outright hatred, uniting against the Jews.

Where once only Germany acted against the Jews and the rest of the countries remained neutral, today, such an attitude will be revealed in the entire world. There will not be a single nation left, not a person, who would not hate Jews, Israel, and the people of Israel.

Question: Why does the force of the good connection exist only in Jews?

Answer: Jews acquired this force during their history, starting from receiving the wisdom of Kabbalah, and implementing it on themselves in times of the first and second temple. It is written that we must pass this force of connection to all of humanity when they require it.

Humanity has been in need of it for a long time already, and we must work on this. However, the people of Israel—who so far are deaf to their mission and engaged in all sorts of material games and values that are not at all in the spirit of our people—are called to be spiritual leaders of humanity and bring light to the other nations. This is a very dangerous situation, and we don’t have time for contemplation.

Of course, we are impressed by examples of courage and overcoming that were displayed by Jews during the Holocaust. However, today, we must talk not about that, not about how we managed to go through such trials and preserved human dignity even in the concentration camps. We need to think about how we can make sure that it never happens again! After all, this is the most relevant question of our time.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/28/16

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