Everyone Is Paying In Ecuador

laitman_600_02Question: Following the earthquake in Ecuador, the government imposed a tax upon all the citizens that is designed to cover the damages amounting to three billion dollars. The citizens of the nation who possess capital of more than a million dollars will be required to pay the nation nearly 1% of their assets.

Citizens with income of a thousand dollars per month will pay one day’s wages, someone who earns two thousand dollars a month will pay two days’ wages, and so on. In practice, the president of the country has imposed a kind dues.

How do you relate to equality like this?

Answer: There is no doubt that the nation needs help to recover after such a powerful earthquake. But they have to deal with it. They chose the right method because everyone was harmed.

South America is a unique area; the immigrant spirit and the spirit of the Indians are still felt there; they are characterized by a feeling of unity. They relate to each other with great feeling, with understanding, wholeheartedly, because they are not completely damaged by egoism and the modern world.

I think that this will help them. When a problem arises and you begin to take care of it seriously, then you don’t immerse yourself in those illnesses in which the whole world is immersed, but are involved in curing the illness.

So they will rebuild and it will be good for them. The implication of the terrible earthquake is that it will bring them a better future. It will strengthen and unite them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/21/16

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