The Massive Terrorist Attack In Orlando

QueLaitman_408stion: In Orlando, there was a massive terrorist attack. A young Muslim of Afghan origin shot fifty people in a gay night club, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the US. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Answer: Most people in our society lack a sense of love of others, including of gay people. The only question is how society determines its attitude toward those who are different and whether this attitude is determined by the laws of society according to the level of its tolerance or whether it stems from understanding this phenomenon. On the other hand, there is religious intolerance.

In principle, Islam in this respect has never been too fierce. These phenomena have been part of humanity since the beginning of time, but Islam today has become so militant, narrow-minded, and fanatic that it does not tolerate any deviations, no matter how people may interpret them. This is especially true when there is a desire to conquer, oppress, or exhibit, and elevate one’s ideology. Therefore, we are yet to see many such incidences, and no one can do anything about it.

I went to America recently, a year after my previous visit, and I am amazed each time by the rapid growth of the Muslim population there. They feel at home, that they own the place, and they put pressure on others openly, and not taking anything into account.

In other words, they intentionally behave the way that they do and are not afraid of the police. They feel that the police seemingly will be on their side. And so the Americans behave very cautiously toward them and move quietly aside. Consequently, we are sure to see very rapid changes in every aspect of American society.

Question: What can you say from the perspective of the upper scenario?

Answer: The upper scenario is very simple. Islam must conquer the modern world, especially Europe and America, in order to grow very strong and rise against Israel.

Question: Must they conquer the entire world because of a tiny ball like Israel?!

Answer: They will be suffocated by Israel if they don’t conquer Europe and America, and together with them, fight against Israel. However, according to the upper scenario, they will be suffocated anyway afterward!

The question is whether we can act today so that they will be suffocated now in order to prevent more victims in Europe and in America so that there will not be great wars, violence, and the provocations that they are planning against the people in those continents.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/13/16

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