Anti-Semitic Jews Against The People of Israel

400Question: Are there anti-Semitic Jews against the people of Israel?

Answer:  In the Jewish people who should go with a single head above themselves, when they transcend egoism for the sake of connection and unity, there will always be people who don’t agree to this. This was how it also was in Egypt and in the days of the First Temple, between the First and Second Temple, and in the days of the Second Temple and this was particularly so after the destruction of the Second Temple and the fall of the people from the spiritual height that they had, from the height of love and mutual connection.

Throughout history among the Jews who lived outside the borders of Israel, there were not just a few Jews who supported anti-Semitism; the Inquisition – Jews, close aides to Hitler – Jews, advisers to the American president during the second World War, who prevented the absorption of their European brothers – Jews. The same thing has continued until today because in spite of himself no one wants to feel suffering and hatred within the society he lives in. He wants to blend into this society, wants a normal attitude towards himself and so he will always be for America or for Europe, and against Israel.

None of the Jews who are in the American administration or those of other nations do anything good for Israel. On the contrary, only bad; in this way he shows how objective he is. No Jewish organization, other than a few exceptions, supports Israel. So there is nothing better to expect from them! Lately, just about all of the Jews who live abroad, especially in the United States, have become haters of Israel. They don’t want us to exist because we lead the world into a situation in which they are hated because of us. Whereas they want to live in peace: “Let us work, live and develop in peace and quiet. What do we need Israel for? We have never been there and won’t travel there either.” They feel that they are apparently required to make a choice: either I am a liberal and progressive American, or I am for Israel.

Question: Are the Jews who live outside of Israel able to carry another message?

Answer: No they cannot because the surrounding society determines everything. They will always be against us because they feel how much the existence of Israel is not worthwhile for them; we can never entrust our fate to them. If there were no people, this would mean that there is no dependence on others. But now they feel that they depend on us as condemnations of Israel fall on them from all sides.

We will still see how they direct everyone against us. I am speaking harshly, and it could be that I also am talking before my time, but this will soon be revealed. Unfortunately, these are laws of nature. All of this will be realized, as long as our nation, our people, do not find out and sober up in time and begin to develop a new society. Only when this happens will everything change.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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  1. Rav,
    Have you heard about the Candidate for President of the United States “Bernie Sanders” who is Jewish.. Any possible connection to what you saying?

  2. Rav,

    This sounds just like how the blacks sold other blacks to the white slave buyers.
    Reading what you have written I’m thinking of George Soros & Henry Kissinger.
    Most of the anti-Semitic Jews seem to be secular Jews who are not religious/spiritual.
    Is that correct?

    Thank you,


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